LAWS RETURN: Two in five UK voters implacably opposed.

The UK Polling Report site is carrying a story about research conducted yesterday in the light of rumours concerning a possible David Laws return to the Coalition front bench.

Of those interviewed in the survey, 23% thought that Laws had paid the price for his earlier errors and should be able to return to government now, 20% said he should be able to return to government eventually, but it was still too soon…..and 39% said it would ‘never’ be appropriate for him to return to government.

In this regard, it seems to me that Laws is paying a heavy price for the level of fury that has barely abated since the MPs’ expenses scandal. I understand that – falsification of a tax invoice would be a serious offence for the likes of you and me – but the ‘offence’ for which the Telegraph nailed him didn’t strike me as crooked at all….merely the guy’s desire to stay in the closet.

Either way, the research effectively shows that the country is split 50:50 between those opposed to his return, and those of a more forgiving nature.

The original rumour emanated from Guido anyway, so it’s probably a load of old bollocks.