Morgan the wannabe Peer goes down fighting.

Bright beautiful women: why do they marry odious pricks?

Here’s a link to the increasingly desperate brave face being put on by Piers Moron in the light of more catastrophic revelations about the corrupting influence of Newscorp at the Leveson Enquiry. This is a bit of history….an unpleasant pillock fighting for his freedom with the usual mix of chutzpah and bollocks:

So thick is the Romping Arse’s brass neck, he identifies closely with the Murdoch position. Mind you, so he should given that the Newscorp SOS used one of his former victims, Amanda Holden, for its relaunch yesterday.

Update: the Monday Sun is using the same story today. Amanda’s near-death experience in giving birth is, it seems, worth another 3-page spread, following yesterday’s 5-pages of lachrymose tale. Some of the great Screws journalists of the past must be turning in their graves. But then, Murdoch destroys everything. Verily, he is journalistic and social anti-matter.

Major hat-tip to Slogger Simon Jenkins for the link.