The answer seems to be, “When it’s in a bottle”. Or possibly, “When it’s being sold at Tesco”.

We’re all familiar with the standard Tesco technique of confuse-a-shopper. Budweiser there is sold in three sizes of can, two sizes of bottle, and packs of four, six, ten, twelve, and twenty. On top of this are offers like ‘2 for £16’, ‘3 for £21.50’ and so forth.

Now once you start comparing bottle offers to can offers, it gets seriously complicated. But here’s one particularly naughty trick I noticed yesterday: Budweiser in bottles is 4.8%, and Budweiser in cans is 5% alcohol. However, the only comparison is the price per litre.

To me, Budweiser has always (in recent years) been a 5% beer. I think it used to be even higher, but let’s park that: you can’t have one identical brand of beer at 4.8%, and another at 5%: and nor should you display them side by side with price comparisons. Yet Tesco does.

Now if Budweiser were advertising the bottle as a slightly ‘safer’ driving beer and the can as better for watching the footie and swearing at the ref, that’d be fine. But they don’t.

So what is this all about, Budweiser and Tesco? The Slog would like to hear from you.