I was a little alarmed yesterday. I’m more alarmed today. And mainly because of thoughts about racism.

Yesterday’s frisson was caused by an email from the British Freedom Party very courteously asking if they could reprint my piece about Turks and North Africans being groomed for admission to a future Grosseuropeanische Fiskalunion. I said yes, of course, because I want to promote free speech in every way I can. But my doubts about any and all Parties using the word ‘freedom’ in their name remain. I also can’t help thinking that the BFP’s interest in the piece was largely motivated by a desire to get their followers worked up about Untermenschen being allowed into Europe.

However, for some reason this led me on to thinking about the veteran cricket-pitch despoiler Peter Hain, and what a fat, morally corrupted man with double standards and unfeasibly large feet he is.

Hain’s size 11 feet attempt to strangle a Bobby in 1968

You see, Peter has built a career based on taxpayers’ money (he too has never held down a proper job beyond vandalism) and an infinite desire to root out every ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi’ in Britain. The fact that there are very few Nazis left in Britain forced Mr Heinous to abandon the Liberals in search of power within New Labour. And when that career ran out of road following an Alzheimers episode concerning £100,000 of undeclared campaign donations, Anus returned to his original career of massively hyping the importance of the BNP – and trying to censor their democratic right to appear on national television – in a vain bid to relaunch his knackered career.

Now that Peter Principle knows his political life is at an end, however, he seems quite extraordinarily uninterested in Fascism on the March in Europe. Here we have a supra-national State ignoring every referendum, avoiding every vote, cancelling every election, and dolling out stipends to Goldman Saches employees, none of whom have been democratically elected. But for some unfathomable reason surely nothing to do with his venal desire to carry on being a Labour Big Beast MP paid to exist without actually doing anything for the money while supporting the European Fascist Union, Petie-poo doesn’t seem to discern the obvious neo-Nazi State now running everything from deportation policy to what Osborne spends our money on in the United Kingdom.

However – fear not Peter, for as it happens, another new Anti-Fascist Rock Against Racist Fascist Nationalist Clergyman Running Dog People’s Opiate opportunity came your way today. I refer of course to the ‘furore’ (soon to by ‘fury’) in relation to the Archbishop of York’s bid to become the Arch Bishop of Cant.

Keen readers will remember that the Canterbury post was formerly held by Rowan Williams, a chap desperately keen for every last verger to be an Islamist cross-dresser. But it seems that he only got the job coz ‘e izz white an’ that, right? So now that an African is in line for the post, the wicked KKK tendency in the Anglican Church is out to “besmirch” the most favoured candidate, Dr John Sentamu from Uganda.

The outspoken Revered Arun Arora is leading the charge on this latest liberal conspiracy theory. In today’s Sunday Telegraph – the Page One lead headline, no less – Arun has this to say:

“At worst, it has elicited the naked racism which still bubbles under the surface in our society, and which is exposed when a black man is in line to break the chains of history.”

I’m afraid the Reverend lost my support at bubbling racism in our society, and forfeited any sympathy at ‘chains of history’. It was the same emotion I felt when being lectured by Lenny Henry about the lack of black faces on BBC television, and Stonewall’s utter bollocks about the lack of Gays in the same place.

Anyway, for the record, here’s the ‘it’ Revarun Arora is on about. It involves an empirical observation about African tribal culture. This from a Bishop so concerned about the pc Thought Police, he insisted on anonymity:

“I think Sentamu is clearly going to be a very strong front-runner, although I think there are also people who are not quite sure that he is suitable in terms of the way he behaves, because he is quite tribal and the African chief thing comes through…..There is something in Sentamu which retains his African views and approach, which can be at one time an asset and another time can be a problem…[for example] his understanding around issues of human sexuality”. This is the anonymous Bishop’s polite way of saying that John Sentamu is an anti-Gay bigot.

In fact, that’s the main problem Peter Hain would face were he to get involved in the debate. It’s the same dilemma antediluvian feminist Harriet Harman faces when refusing to say anything negative about Islamists who are, of course, violent misogynists of the worst kind.

All this said, just deconstruct that last but one paragraph above, and ask yourselves, “Where is the racism in that?” I love Africa: it is the most engaging, massively frustrating, beautiful continent on the planet. The only thing I regret about Africa is that first, it is heading for meltdown in the light of inherited AIDS; and second, that it took me until the age of 54 to discover it. But if you can spend time in Africa and not notice the ascendancy of naked tribalism, then you must be deaf and blind. And if you cannot discern that its innate favouritism has ruined Zimbabawe (and will destroy South Africa) then you must be a member of the Labour Party.

This is a central disease of our age: polemically motivated denialism. Both the situations I’ve described in this piece raise unpleasant questions. Only cowards refuse to face them.