The paedophile cover-up: don’t kid yourself that this is something new.


Hague…gearing up for listening in

In the Daily Telegraph this morning, Foreign Secretary and State Department bagman William Hague tries to convince us that the new Justice Bill is really about security, not secrecy. This is a well-trodden path, and about as original as the Mekon’s overall policy thinking. It includes such cliche-salted paragraphs as:

‘Our ability to disrupt terrorists and extremists relies on many things, including our agencies’ surveillance and forensic investigative skills. But it also relies on the sharing of information with our allies and friends. On their own, our agencies cannot get all the intelligence needed to keep Britain safe. It is only by working in partnership that we can piece together the jigsaw puzzle of crucial information.’

Can’t argue with that, but what’s immediately notable – yet again – is the Torygraph’s disallowance of any commenting on Hague’s plea. So there’s one element of free speech gone for starters. As for the ‘sharing of information’ thing, this is pure State Department, and based entirely on the daft policy of being in bed with the US. Why our FOI laws should be based on flawed policy is a tad hard to discern, but like most things in life, it’s nothing new: for the Establishment, any excuse will do to keep the Three Monkeys info-sharing strategy in place. Another post elsewhere today rams this point home rather well.

To call Chris Spivey’s blogpost today ‘ballsy’ is a bit like saying Tommy Cooper was mildly amusing. Under the new McAlpinite Guidelines for muzzle-wearing, I am advised that giving you a link to the Spivey piece could be construed as encouraging all of you to seek out paedophile smears about his Lordship. So let me make it clear that I’m plugging the post because of an excellent later section summarising a previous Establishment cover-up…that led once again to nothing being done about child abuse. As for Mr Spivey’s allegations about His Litigiousness, I can only observe that I sincerely hope he can back up what he says, because his disappearance would be a shame: Chris is never less than lively.

The history lesson involves the infamous case of Robert ‘Bob’ Boothby, serial shagger of both genders and all ages, who successfully sued the Mirror for an enormous amount of money half a century ago. The Mirror had alleged that Boothby was having an affair with the notorious gangster Ronnie Kray (he was) and that he went to paedo-parties – arranged by the Krays (he did) for the purposes of blackmail.

So when Nipper Read nicked the Krays a few years later, the gang showed Bob some very ambidextrous snaps of the himself in action. As a result, Boothby stood up in the Lords, called their arrest wrongful, and insisted they should be released on bail. He was shouted down (if only that would happen today) but it rapidly became clear that the Krays’ threat might open the floodgates to all the jiggery-pokery going on among the policemen, judges and politicians of the time. At one point, even old Wislon got involved, asking his favourite silk to get Boothby off.

You should judge the fears of fifty years ago, by the way, in the context of this piece I posted last week. Then as now, Churchill, Eden and Macmillan all feared the potential destabilisation of the State should its more sadistic peccadillos be revealed to a largely unsuspecting public. And then as now, there was a cover-up.

But here’s the intriguing thing: by far the best biography of the Krays ever written was that by John Pearson, The Profession of Violence. Aware of the cover-up at the time (but unable to find a publisher who would allow him to talk about it) fifty plus years on Mr Pearson is still trying to see the CID file on Boothby, because it apparently does name some very prominent politicians of the day as having been involved in it. He launched an FOI again in 2010. It was refused.

So do not be lulled into submission by the current David Rose/Daily Mail/Boris Johnson/David Cameron axis of bollocks about “being absolutely sure before you publish”. This is the élite’s desired response to the accidental explosion of leaks about what the Top Chaps get up to when away from hearth and home…in search of a path to the nearest care home.

It’s why William Vague’s piece this morning went out, timed to further dampen down the speculation: “hush-hush you know, mum’s the word, is he quair? He looks quair” and so forth.

Meanwhile, the obvious ubiquity of child rape continues to be unveiled by campaigning journalists. The Mirror five days ago revealed that, even after being jailed for dozens of abuse incidents while running a North Wellian care home empire, serial paedophile John Allen today has a job working at a ‘family-friendly’ (ie, with young kids) hotel after moving to a different part of the country. The sinister, cunning and terrifyingly clever ruse Allen employed to get the job was…..deleting his history from the application. The hotel didn’t check his references. No doubt at some time in the past, Allen had been vetted and cleared by somebody or other.

On other more notorious occasions in the past, sometimes perverts have required the help of others in their little circle. I will be presenting a truly shocking case of just such ‘inside protection’ later today. Stay tuned.