THE PAEDOFILE: Cyril Smith ‘victim’ claims police ordered to call off their dogs by ‘on high’.

cyriltshirtBig Cyril….interesting choice of teeshirt

And German Greens reveal paedophile history repeating itself

A Mancunian male claiming to be a victim of sexual abuse by Cyril Smith emailed The Slog just before Monday lunchtime to allege that Greater Manchester Police had been “warned off” further investigation of the late MP’s activities by what he described as “senior cops & filthy pol bullies worried that their little habits might be outed” as a result of recent progress made by GMP.

While one must remember that, as a bloke who’s been blogging about this cesspit for over six years now, I tend to be a lightning conductor for everything from the genuine article to the fantasist fame-seeking nutter. But what intrigued me about this email was the syntax: it’s typical of the aggression still harboured after many years by paedophilia victims.

It may well have been evoked by the Exaro site’s revelation that the Cyril Smith investigation was to be dropped. It may be a false flag, attention-seeking, or myriad other all-too-common online syndromes. But in some ways, this marks a turning point in the Establishment’s ‘response’ to Britain’s systemic  paedophile issue. Unfortunately, it’s a turn into a cul-de-sac, not a new avenue.

It seems that now even extinct minority-Party politicians are too hot to handle. Perhaps we need a new media sitcom, Drop the Dead Cyril. Give Plod some BBC-employed celebs to go at, and he’s like a rabid dog with a bone. Give the Boys in Blue a member of the protected élite species to investigate, and after much kicking, dragging, screaming and promising, they will confiscate victim support evidence and – when all else fails – start investigating each other. Thus the investigation becomes an incestigation, and after that everyone loses interest because Posh Beckham is up the duff again.

I made some further enquiries of my ancestral City yesterday (Greater Manchester Police do have what bobbies used to call ‘form’ at covering up stuff) but thus far it’s led nowhere. That’s probably exactly what it’s supposed to do.

But we needn’t worry, because cunning paedo-networks using standard methods to hide their light under a bushel are just madcap conspiracy theories blended with rumour, innuendo, and left-wing poppycock aren’t they? Of course they are children: the globalised kid-buggery industry is a myth, now go back to sleep, it was just a nasty dream invented by troublemakers who used to be in care. “Weirdos” as David Mellor called them.

Except that breaking news in Germany would suggest otherwise.

trittingreenGermany’s opposition Greens party has decided to appoint an independent enquiry designed to shed light on the influence a pro-paedophilia group had within the party in the 1980s, Party leader Jürgen Trittin (left) told the Berlin media yesterday. The advocates of legalising sex with children were part of a group also pushing for gay, lesbian and transsexual rights in the early days of the party that grew out of the 1970s peace, anti-nuclear and ecologist movements.

Any of this sound familiar?

The trail predictably goes back to 1985, when a regional conference of German Greens argued strongly for sex with children to be legalised. And latching onto the story, Der Spiegel alleged that the Green’s leadership in that decade had also financed a working group in favour of legalising sex between adults and children.

“Protecting children from sexual abuse was and remains a central concern,” Spiegel Online quoted Green Party co-chairman Cem Ozdemir as saying. More face-saving platitudes, but you can bet your jackboots that the other German Parties will quickly start airbrushing, shredding and otherwise generally rewriting history.

Stay tuned. Another story of perverted sadism in the senior ranks may be about to break.

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