At the End of the Day

Growing old is not primarily about forgetting; it’s about forgetting whether or not you did something.

Growing old is about watching people make the same mistakes you did – and feeling powerless to stop them.

Growing old makes you realise that feminism is a curate’s egg, but ageism is ignored.

Growing old leaves us constantly surprised…especially when we look in the mirror.

Growing old is about realising that you’re cool when you no longer care whether you’re cool or not.

Growing old for blokes means feeling stiff in the mornings, except in the place you’d like to be.

Growing old for women means wondering why wrinkles only work for blokes.

Growing old is about the young Queen you remember from 1953 now having great-grandchildren.

Growing old for Prince Charles is realising that Coronation Street is 55 years old and shows no signs of dying.

Growing old brings a surfeit of wisdom, and a lack of the energy required to express it.

Growing old brings a new wonder every day…for example, why the fuck is Grant Shapps not in prison?

Growing old brings the realisation that you are planting trees for other people.

Growing old means being able to give children back to their parents.

Growing old gracefully is almost impossible; growing old disgracefully is much more fun.

Growing old involves coming to terms with that nagging pain in the joints, and activists who are a permanent pain in the arse.

Growing old is about making way for the new.