A Word in your Ear

 Tonight’s words are Newscorp and Pass

Congratulations to James Murdoch on taking over the helm at Newscorp. By rights he should be doing 20 years in Dartmoor, but I’m not one to bear a grudge – well done Jimbo, may you sit on a dunny spider.

I have to say my money was on Jerry Hall to get it, but hey – you know, blood is thicker than water….and they don’t come any thicker than James Murdoch.

It would be hugely amusing, would it not, to go back to Bali in 1990 and attend the (later declared invalid) wedding between Jerry Built and Mick Jagger. Imagine the pleasure involved in buttonholing the Rolling Stone at the reception and saying, “You’ll never guess who’s gonna be up there after you”.


¶ And it came to pass that ‘it came to pass’ got headed off at the Pass. It should have come to the Pass around 2003, but it came to pass that the Israelite Alan Greenspan decided, on arriving at the pass, that he would pass on the opportunity to smite Goldman  Sackcloth, and instead pass the buck to Ben B’nankee, a passing cloud of valium who bore the perpetual look of a guy passing water while swimming.

¶ And it came to pass that the siblings Lehman did pass the point of no return, and Ben decided to let them pass on unaided by the bailout that passeth all understanding. Then was there an mighty gnashing of teeth on the Wailing Wall Street, and thus did Ben pass himself off as a man with a box full of tools with which all his friends could pass by on the other side, leaving the suffering to others.

¶ Others passed less favourable judgement upon the B’nankee, and as the years passed, it waxed clear that, when asked a question, Ben would say “Pass”. Things had come to a pretty pass, and so he gave the hospital pass to Y’Elling the witch. And lo were they as vessels that pass in the night, except that he was an iceberg and she could pass for the Titanic.

¶ During many moons of passing wind, Y’elling passed a bum cheque to the markets about the pass rates for reality examinations. In the end all things must pass, and so at the Winter Solstice of 2015 did she pass sentence on the tribe of the Brics by bringing to pass an one quarter per cent rise. But yea, even before and not as unto the feast of Passover did the S’hanghai pass below 3,000, and the Nipponite Abe cause the Temple’s moneylenders to almost pass out when he let his rates pass under the Japanese Zero flyover.


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