BREXIT WAKE-UP CALL: Merkel & Juncker about to cave to Erdogan again




Promises were made to EU citizens over the last three months that all 71 conditions for Turkish free travel in the European Union would be met. These promises – given personally by both Merkel and Jüncker during March and April respectively – are about to be broken. The day after tomorrow, the EC will recommend moving ahead on visa-free Turkish travel in the Union…including the UK.

Last Thursday, Der Spiegel ran with a piece predicting that Turkey’s threat to renege on its refugee deal with the EU would force Brussels-am-Berlin to go ahead with a rapid approval of 90 day visa-free travel for Turks throughout Europe. Sources in Brussels and Cyprus have confirmed their conviction about this over the last few days.

The meeting to approve the scheme takes place this coming Wednesday 4th May. It will come into operation some time in mid June….despite at least a third of the 71 conditions not having been addressed at all by Ankara, and others left as “fudged beyond recognition” according to one person in a position to know.

The standard tack by the pro-EU Left in Europe will be to denounce criticism of the decision as racist. In doing so, they are merely echoing the preposterous propaganda of Turkish dictator Recep Erdogan: this issue has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with the changing politico-religious culture of Turkey.

Here are some facts that everyone concerned about European security should read:

  1. Despite Erodgan’s false protestations of clamping down on radical Jihadists, Islamic State is now highly active in southern Turkey.  Four prominent critics of the Islamic State have been assassinated this year alone in southern Turkey.
  2. In April 2012, during a visit to Beijing,  Erdogan met with then-Vice President of China Xi Jinping and vowed that Turkey would never allow Muslim anti-Chinese separatists to operate on Turkish soil. The promise was doubly broken last January when ten Turkish citizens were arrested  after being caught selling forged passports to Chinese Jihadists attempting to leave the country and travel to Syria. In the interim, in standard two-faced mode, Erdogan began supporting the position of Jihadists in Europe and Asia, backing the stance of Sheikh Abdullah Mansour, the Pakistan-based head of TIP, who told Reuters in Spring 2014 that all Muslims had a “universal jihad obligation” to fight China.
  3. Reporting of the continuing re-Islamisation of Turkish public life alongside increased religious involvement in State affairs has been so widespread both inside and outside Turkey since at least 2013, it makes a nonsense of Euro-army Füherigna Federica Mogherini’s claim that Erdogan’s ruling AKP Party has been a force for secularisation and democratisation in Ankara. The closing down of Opposition papers and imprisonment of Erdogan critics on spurious charges only serves to confirm that Ataturk’s vision of a modern secular Turkey is being demolished brick by brick.
  4. Although Erdogan has promised to ‘take in’ returned Syrian refugees, Ankara has been deporting hundreds of refugees back to Syria on a daily basis since the beginning of March: Erdogan is being paid blood money and offered dangerous EU travel rights purely to put the problem back in Assad’s back yard. Amnesty International researchers in southern Turkey gathered testimony from Syrians whose relatives have been expelled from the country in contravention of international law, including children without their parents. John Dalhuisen, AI’s Europe and central Asia director, said: “EU leaders have wilfully ignored the simplest of facts: Turkey is not a safe country for Syrian refugees and is getting less safe by the day.”
  5. The Guardian has reported several times that more than 800,000 refugees who arrived in Greece during 2015 BEGAN their migration in Turkey. Their arrival both there and in other countries like Italy, Hungary and Austria evoked negative reactions, as many of them appeared quite different in nature – younger, more aggressive and with fewer women or children – than the ‘initial wave’ of quite genuine refugees…these latter now being ruthlessly sent home to face the music by the mendacious Erdogan. See Slogpost from the time.
  6. There is a steady and growing trade in forged Turkish passports to which the Erdogan régime has been turning two blind eyes.

Potential voters (and likely disinterested abstainers) in the June 23rd in/out Brexit referendum need to realise something very important: Erdogan’s 90 day no-checks army of potential suicide bombers have access to the entire EU not just the eurozone. We already know on Theresa May’s own admission that some 15,000 Islamist terrorists are at large in Britain and we don’t know where they are. Now we are about to suffer the consequences of a grubby deal being done between a German, a Luxebourgeois and a Turk, all of whom have a long track record of lying.

We are not being consulted, and we have no power over our borders to stop it.


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