POST BREXIT UK: Camerlot revealed as out of touch, so liberal press goes out of mind

Me22616I don’t really understand why, but once the Indie became ‘I’ and moved online, some genius in this imploding construct forgot to load the facts into the removal van. The Indie now is not just divorced from Reality, it has hastily remarried Falsehood. It is become Virtual Fantasy. There is no market in this gap.

Will the propaganda ever stop? Tom Peck in this morning’s Independent:


Peck’s first point was glaringly obvious. The second is pure supposition and, on the whole, highly unlikely. The next phrase – ‘The racist genie now running the streets with wild abandon” is a fantasy: since Brexit, the total number of racists attacks and abuse ‘surged’ from 37 to 52. The new total is 0.00008% of the UK population. The final phrase could perhaps be true, but ex cathedra assertion simply isn’t enough.

The name of the newspaper is The Independent.Given its ownership, it should change its name to Iskra.

This isn’t journalism, it’s inflammatory bollocks. I think BoJo is a slimeball too, but I have good reasons plus years of research to back it up.

Liberal Britain has gone insane. ‘Camerlot shown to be out of touch, liberal-left vows to be out of its mind’.

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