At the End of the Day

mesmile Reasons to unite against evil are not always about saving the future. Sometimes, it’s important to have a defence against the past.

Reasons to avoid speaking to Theresa May are many and varied, but making an appeal on behalf of the Citizen Rights of Brits living in the eurozone isn’t one of them. The petulance of the Euronauts, it seems, knows no bounds.

Ignorance is a terrible thing (especially when owned by those of a higher than average IQ) but never more so than when it turns into a sort of Lord of the Flies unwillingness to donate any value at all to the opposing argument. Believers in ideological bollocks are simply not content to say something civilised like, “I understand your viewpoint, but I do not accept it”. On the contrary, they are not happy until your opinion has been vilified as nonsense, rubbish, fascist and racist….and you the owner of that opinion have been dismissed as bigoted scum.

Later, one watches from a distance as they tweet their comrades in triumph – “Hah hah! That saw him off!”. But some of those standing in the admiring crowd do notice, with an air of concern, that the crowd is declining slowly into three saddos asking for One More Heave.

This is the reality of the European Union: its single currency is dysfunctional, its austerity strategy is a surreal failure, its foreign policy is slavishly US orientated, its banking system is fragile, its economy is flatlining, its sovereign member debts are appalling, its institutions are undemocratic, its Euroarmy ideas are dangerous, its migrant policies are unpopular, and its geopolitical aims represent undiluted monetary globalist claptrap.

But in 2016, being out of touch with reality and one’s citizens seems to be a table stake. This is nothing new: half a century ago in 1966, idiots were calling sex with infants “part of the rainbow of sexual experience”. Try tying Harriet Harman down on that one….and it will be the same in fifty years time: you will look around in vain for somebody – anybody – prepared to admit to having voted Remain, not seen the Syrian conflict for the falsehood it was, and not recognised switch-sell pan-European migration as the con it is.

Perhaps our great grandchildren (long after we’ve expired) will ask Grandma whether she saw Crash2 coming. They might even wonder out loud why Britain remained so tied to a US foreign policy destined to produce widespread cultural violence in the UK itself.

Of course, by then it will be clear that nobody stood by as the Government broke its word, and thus pauperised 3.2 million State pensioners; that nobody settled down to watch an airhead programme about ballroom dancing – while claiming they were “too busy” to catch up on the story of how Rupert Murdoch corrupted Britain’s Cabinet, its police, and its judiciary; or indeed that nobody at all at any time was aware of how Boris Johnson conspired with Tim Yeo to make London’s air quality even worse. For how – let’s be fair – were they to know that this was all true….along with Libor Rate manpulation, Gold price capping, QE to save the banks, and the intention to make retail bank customers pay for the stupidity of massively bonused investment bankers?

History will not be kind to us. Why would it be?