CHANDELON AUTOPSY: notes on the application of whitewash in journalism

methink1 Just when you thought the old media couldn’t get any lazier – or EUNATO’s contempt for us more blatant – along comes the autopsy on Yves Chandelon. (See HERE and HERE for the story so far).

The story in yesterdays EUPolitico by


There’s no “may” about it duckie, and he was nothing to do with logistics: he was the auditor of how terrorists get money, and who from.


Note the carefully chosen word “some” there. So what does the rest of the family think? Oh, but there’s a note and that changes everything….


OK fair enough: so which investments and who are these friends?

But this last one takes Biscuit of the Year award for sheer, slimey hypocrisy:


Well done there, newshound Guilia: the Pulitzer’s in the bag, baby. Here’s a few clues about Ms Paravicini’s sympathies:


Ah….right: NATO, Italian police. Well, well. Is she independent? Here’s yet more campaigning journalism, Paravicini-style:

Riiiiyeeeet….well, I think we get the picture: migrants aren’t a problem, Brexit’s a disaster, Moscow is threatening the West.

Yesterday, I said that Anis Imre was a patsy. Today, I found another one. Anyway, here’s a tip from an old head, Giulia. Next time, ask the source:

  1. What were the papers Yves Chalendon gave to his family for safe-keeping?
  2. Why did he travel 120kms away from his home to kill himself?
  3. Why did he tell friends he was being followed and getting “odd” phone calls?
  4. Why was he enthusing about 2017 holidays the family had lined up 48 hours before he blew his brains out….using the wrong hand?

Is there a brave MSM journalist in the House?

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