MEDIA COMMENT: Lies have a million sponsors and a thousand agendas. Hidden somewhere behind them is the Truth.


None of us really want to watch, read and hear news from the starting point of disbelief. But the machinations of State, political, fiscal and economic spin doctors insist that we must.


SkyNews now has a little section between ads, maps of the world, the weather forecast for Tahiti, dramatic music, Dermot Monaghan grinning and biased news. It claims to be about ‘dispelling myths’ in relation Covid19. While waiting for an update on the London Statue Demolition Programme last night, I noticed one of these factoids baldly stating that ‘Covid19 is not sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity’.

This is at best ‘Not Proven’, and at worst utterly false. I searched for over an hour this morning to find anything that definitive as a conclusion from “official sources”: the general aggregate opinion was that yes, to some extent C19 is sensitive to both, but nobody knows for certain how much.

The Sky ‘fact’ is in turn flatly contradicted by events in, for example, India – where the virus made almost zero progress during the hot season, but now the cooler rains have come is seeing disturbing spikes. Various graphs and charts for EU countries also show a very strong correlation between case number fall-offs in May, and the higher-than-normal temperatures we all experienced in that month.

In short, there is no scientific basis for Sky’s blanket conclusion….but there it is, being shown 20-odd times a day in big typeface notices before every news bulletin. Why?

By contrast, the website Airmine really is a mine of useful information that nearly always reflects exactly what’s happening on the ground in terms of pollen output. Throughout May in Aquitaine, levels of birch, fruit tree and grass pollen were abnormally high – so for the first time in my 72 years, I have actually needed throat relief and anti-nasal drip treatment from the pharmacy: without it, sustained sleep was well-nigh impossible.

The day before yesterday, yet another ‘trending’ subject on social medium Twitter was designed to show that the UK was the world’s leading f**k-up when it came to dealing with the Covid19 virus. It’s sole basis for this was to show that the Government was compiling its comparative deaths per million data from the site Worldometer – which (the troll-tweeters insisted) was “nothing but an amateur site and of little or no value”.

This too is the opposite of what most people feel about the site, which was founded twelve years ago and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the data group Dadax.

The derivation of doubts about Worldometer comes largely from CNN. Draw your own conclusions.

The point I’m making is a simple one: when it comes to data in medicine that are apolitical, unlikely to enrich Big Pharma – but be of practical, affordable help to the consumer – it is much easier to have a degree of trust in what’s being said.

As soon as globalist business, medical research funding, political reputations and neocon hegemonist foreign policy come into play, however, the familiar cui bono nightmare of provenance comes into play.

Every week, I get at least half a dozen offers of payment for including content at The Slog prepared by image consultancies on behalf of their clients. More and more sites feature that sort of stuff, because a viable business model for online commentators remains elusive – if the first stipulation is you may not enjoy freedom to print advertorial at my site.

Equally, some newspapers employ columnists they know will write stuff to order that comes across as a personal opinion, but is in fact a direct reflection of the desire the directors of that newspaper have to destroy a democratic decision taken by the voters. Over the last three days, the works of Matthew Parris and Clare Foges at the Times newspaper exemplify the policy in relation to Brexit. The Guardian, New York Times and Washington Post have become infamous for this practice in recent years when it comes to blind support for the faux-liberalism of the Democratic Party and its affiliates.

Commercially tainted, blindly supported, politically motivated and State security/militarily planted editorial is not only a waste of the reader’s time, it nearly always gives itself away because, there is either no point being made in conclusion; or the one on offer is plain silly.

In amongst the millions of words generated by those truly awful newspapers on the subject of Black Lives Matter (BLM), you will struggle to find anywhere one simple question that needs addressing: what exactly do the protestors want?

I don’t mean what do Antifa and the young fluffies all want, because the answer to that is violence and feelgood virtue respectively. I’m referring to Black people who do, without question, go through their daily lives suffering a degree of racism: what do they want the State, the legal system and educationalists to do?

Fifty-five years ago, the UK outlawed discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, ethnic or national origins in Great Britain under the Race Relations Act. It was two years before anyone was prosecuted. Since 1988, there have been precisely 61 prosecutions under the Act; so either there wasn’t much point in it, or the offended couldn’t be bothered to complain. As for education, in both the public and private sectors I think it would be safe to say that all our children are brought up to believe that race-hate is wrong, and ultimately counter-productive.

So when the British Peckham-born actor John Boyega told the crowds in London, “Now is the time….I ain’t waitin’” I once again fell back on the same question: just whatTF is it you’re waiting for?

My belief is that the State has done as much as it can. In a system meant to be based on Equality of Opportunity, the concept of affirmative action – giving higher exam scores and jobs to negroes and Islamics while ignoring whites who did better – is quite rightly unacceptable in Anglophone cultures. It ought to be unacceptable everywhere: if you can’t see that “positive discrimination” is the very antithesis of natural equality, then your left cortex needs a serious overhaul.

Antitheses are at the very core of these disturbances. Antifa, BLM and Momentum are all – quite openly – encouraging the idea of whites being the black man’s enemy: apologists for Islamic fanaticism demand an end to ‘Islamaphobia’ as something perpetrated against Pakistanis by Christians….as opposed to an objection to that religion’s misogynist, undemocratic and fundamentally illiberal belief system – and history of Jihadist murder.

Britain’s most destitute racial minorities are being played for puppets by those who twist the Truth in favour of their own (in turn) ill-defined revolutionary aims. They have a choice going forward: they can either take the easy option and be used by Anarcho-Communist Whitey as a stick with which to beat capitalism; or they can Man Up and compete on the playing field such as it is.

The level playing field is a myth….everyone who starts out in life without Daddy’s money or De Pfiffel’s old school tie network or male testosterone knows this. “Poor me” self-pity is not the answer: the answer, as always, is “Don’t shout and riot and moan – show talent and raise your game and make yourself desirable”.