Why the globalist banker cul-de-sac needed the Covid passport to survival

Around the globe today, there are unfortunate, delusional individuals in their billions who believe in wild conspiranoid theories about stock markets still being bellweathers, the ThPharmafia expecting nothing in return for their donations, unrepayable debt being repayable without pain, bankers with strong philanthropic emotions keen to help the desperate, and billionaires wishing nothing more than to ditch their carefully constructed investment strategies in favour of a better life for all 7.8 billion of us on Planet Earth. If you’re in the business of targeting those who would enthusiastically buy tartan paint, then this Slogpost is a must-read.

Warren Buffet thinks stock markets are more than 200% overvalued. Versus his indicator trend line, at 31,000+, the Dow is 88% higher than it would be “all other things being equal”. So you see, it’s not just me saying ‘this is the greatest stock market/economy mismatch in history’. The markets are rigged by intra-bank selling scams, Zirp rates and continuing thinly-disguised QE.

This is what happens when you give the players unlimited cost-free write-offs in a craps game, and unlimited near-free credit in a sweet factory: everyone buys, everyone borrows, everything rises. Everyone locked outside the game by lower wages and unemployment, meanwhile, gets poorer; and to offset that, they too borrow to the max.

By the end of last year, global debt had reached $230 trillion….that’s three and a half times total world gdp. Consumer debt is a tiny part of it – at $14 trillion – but that’s higher than it was in 2008…and has to be set against a 12% fall in real wage values since then: how will they ever repay?

Consider: everything now involves borrowing – sovereigns chucking money at Covid, traders holding positions in the financial markets, consumers bashing plastic, corporations raising money to pay investor dividends, regional councils trying to maintain services…it never ends.

Borrowing is just fine until some people start wanting their money back….or somebody somewhere – for a million reasons – needs to raise rates. Such a move would be catastrophic, so rates simply aren’t raised. That produces a dead-end in sensible financial and fiscal policy. Money creation produces inflation, so successive finance ministers have to fiddle the measurement yardstick to produce the mirage of zero inflation – but it’s nonsense. On a fixed income these days, I monitor prices here in France with a beady eye: across durables, food, clothes, alcohol, services and cleaning agents, price increases averaged between 9 and 14% last year.

The denial of this is another dimension of the State and its rapacious allies trying to talk us out of what our primary senses can see, and our brains can work out: the vaccines are cutting the Covid death-rate, Covid is deadly, your money value is stable, the EU was in the stronger position on Brexit, full lockdown is required to ‘protect’ vulnerable people – who then drop like flies, there is no money tree then there’s a forest of them, yes these are vaccines but no, they don’t render you immune or stop transmission…..all started twenty years ago by Tony Blair and his “everything is exactly the same as it always was, only better”, borrowing the example of Bill Clinton smoking dildos and declaring that “when you stop paying welfare to the unemployed, they all find a job”.

Empiricism and causality are cancelled in favour of false witness and mendacious stats. Anyone who queries the “facts” is spreading misinformation and fake news.

The most relevant use of this technique at the moment is another surge in business articles about the “economically damaging nature of Covid19, the worst peacetime threat in our blah blah blah etc etc”. We can always rely upon Leutnant Schwab’s Phoney Hearts Club Band at WEF to keep this pot boiling:

‘With vaccines slowly obtaining approval in various countries, the world may finally be on the path to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic situation, on the other hand, is unlikely to improve anytime soon. Falling revenues combined with costly pandemic relief measures have increased global debt by $20 trillion since the third quarter of 2019’

Schwab’s statement is classic cause>effect flim-flam. Global debt did not go up $20 trillion because of Cov-Sars2, it went up because of mass lockdowns based on the way media and vaccinators hyped it out of all proportion to the risk, following the alarmist predictions of Pharma-bought researchers and health bureaucrats. After which, ignorant (or opportunist) politicians refused to deviate from the ‘vaccination or bust’ direction.

The WEF assertion is also being deliberately narrow with the facts: in 2008, global debt was $173 trillion. But the end of 2019, it had ballooned up to $255 trillion with not a pandemic in sight – except, of course, in the minds of people called Fauci, Gates and Rothschild. Idiotic mobthink reactions to Covid19 added $35 trillion – or just ten trillion more than projected.

Global debt has got out of all proportion because such is the only way that growth-obsessed neoliberal bourse-fuelled economics can keep going….and military-diplomatic neocon interests can keep the Eternal War top spinning. I have been saying since 2006 that you cannot run a world economy based on increasing consumer repeat purchase rates, having spent the last 30 years reducing their spending power by 35%. It is plain push-comes-to-shove self contradictory claptrap.

The bankers, bureaucrats, spooks, bourse manipulators and globalists find themselves in a cul-de-sac….a dead-end in English, with their arses in a sling in French. Entirely apt to my mind. That’s why they needed a catalyst for fear, intemperate sovereign spending and then rewrites of history to invent a Great Reset….after which, everything will be better. That’s why digitalisation of cash money has been hugely accelerated – to optimise tax payments, and make it easy to turn bank customers into creditors by simply appropriating deposits. That’s why the IMF has been traipsing round the world with a “spend spend spend” message for governments….because after the Reset, there will be a recalibration of fiat money value – or even just global bitcoin with two or three issuers in America, China and mainland Europe.

Unfortunately, mechanisation, robots, offshoring of jobs to Asia and a continuing explosion in Homo sapiens’ numbers all mean that this can never work when three idiots own most of the wealth and there’s not a lot for 7.75 billion earthlings to do, as such. So it’s either ‘take all the money off the idiots and give it out’ (not going to happen) or, um, er….something else that might prove to be very unpleasant.

Yes, of course it all sounds like a coven of space cadets mumbling into a looking glass down the rabbit hole. But on the other hand, everything I’ve written above involves widely accepted facts and figures. In order to get people to believe the Establishment version of wassup, States and media owners have had to misrepresent, lie, contradict themselves, censor, keep certain trials and medical practices secret, threaten journalists, and turn overnight into compassionate and caring philanthropes with only the best interests of the citizenry at heart.

Neither the money-trail nor the personalities involved have the sort of track record that would enable a balanced thinker to find Establishments and billionaires not guilty.

The Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist, the Moon isn’t made of cheese, there is nothing at the end of rainbows and FFS grow up, of course Father Christmas can’t deliver 4 billion presents in one night using one sleigh and a clutch of airborne reindeer.

You want something “wild” as a theory? OK, try this: ‘There is nothing to see here’; but remember that, to defend that position, you must believe:

All elected Ministers & State bureaucrats are financially illiterate with a single-figures IQ

Anthony Fauci is medically incompetent

Neal Ferguson was chosen by Whitehall because of his unblemished modelling record

Vaccines developed in nine months flat are just as safe as the development norm of five years

Locking down everyone protected the vulnerable by dumping Covid patients in care homes

Masks worn to keep out virus droplets 30 times smaller than Mask weft/webs are effective

Vaccines were never designed to produce immunity and zero transmission

Stock markets overvalued some 2.5 times are of great benefit to the world economy

When you get to know them, investment bankers are quite nice people really

DNC donations overwhelmingly from Wall St & banker billionaires will benefit the poor folks

Boris Johnson was separated from his sibling Mother Theresa at birth

Covid19 will only kill you in a restaurant if you are standing up

In the meantime, here’s the alternative reality I offer.

There is no exit strategy from Lockdown as long as elected politicians accept rewritten settled cod science dictated by Pharmavaxx.

There was never a viable financial or social case for the ridiculous idea that Covid19 must be eradicated.

Obsessive focus on a virus with a 0.0042% global kill rate cannot be justified in the light of the damage done to stressed citizens, helpless cancer patients and national treasuries.b

It takes £150 billion per annum to protect the UK NHS, and around €140 billion to safeguard the French Assurance Maladie. Even in round figurs, spending $4 trillion via lost gdp and dysfunctional test, trace and vaccinate tactics to achieve that end represents the silliest investment in history: the reality is that the rationale was false from Day One.

A far more believable hypothesis is that neoliberal global financialisation has been a disaster, those behind it realise this, and they needed a Patsy behind which to hide The Final Heist, aka The Great Reset.

Covid19 was and remains that Patsy. By all means deny that probability as you stand in the queue for the showers. Just don’t expect to find me there.

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