The Slog has a stab at looking at what (perhaps) really makes the obedient compliance mentality tick

Ailing Chinese property leviathan Evergrande finally coughed up its month-late bond repayment yesterday. It is still a case of putting off the inevitable – but predictably, the minute the payment was made, the shares that had been tanking the previous day shot up again.

Meanwhile, five days ago the specialist title American Prospect announced to a stunned world that Fed Chief Jerome Powell had sold a gigantic personal shareholding in Vanguard, which was proclaimed as “obviously a desire by Powell to reduce his exposure to the stock market, despite his having access to more insider information than any other human on the planet” – and that was one of the nicer comments. The Wall St on Parade site dubbed the Fed’s rationale for the sale, ‘a preposterously lame excuse’ for the crooked Fed Chair to get one last fill of the boots before the whole edifice disintegrates.

Number 10 official Emily Lawson has been parachuted back into the NHS to oversee the coronavirus “booster vaccine” scheme amid mounting concern about its stalled rollout. Her task will be to to “ward off the threat of further restrictions this winter” – Sajid Javid’s tepid assurances not having been found credible.

France yesterday recorded 5,934 new confirmed cases over 24 hours – a slight increase compared to a week earlier, and fifteen times lower than this time last year. But the media here are already running ‘preparatory’ headlines about ‘a new wave’, and French MPs agreed to the extension of health pass legislation until July 2022, despite having said last week they might run down the whole plan by the end of November.

Back in the UK, new diversity targets oblige more than a thousand large plcs to declare the percentage of women on the board, in a drive to close the gender pay gap. However, the proposals use the definition of “woman” – ‘anyone who identifies as female, including biological males’ – adopted by Stonewall. It might be pc, but it isn’t the Law. Confusion now reigns.

And across the planet, non-stop climate-emergency from all the usual suspects – Reuters, the FT, Bloomberg et al….all of them looking to blaming the collapse on Covid, and the new totalitarian repression on global heating.

Now the above might seem like six random stories. But my contention in this essay is first, they are in fact all connected in that they represent stages of depopulating New World Order surreality; and more generally, they’re all symptoms of a human condition that allowed this bizarre global contrick – thus far anyway – to proceed and succeed with such horrifying ease.

Let’s take the stages first. China – massive over-borrowing that can never be repaid. The overture to that familiar opera, Il fallimento dello Stato. The US – imminent collapse of valuation based on nothing more than saving amoral banks with cheap borrowing. The UK – the unfolding future secret history of depopulation to be blamed upon the unvaxed. France – ‘temporary’ vaxcert legislation is extended on the nod despite every sign that Covid19 is running out of steam. UK again (for we are now the cradle of global bollocks) – employment legislation based on a view of gender that is spaced-out alchemist fantasy on steroids. And globally, wave after wave of hyped fear.

That is the NWO shopping list in full, people: the world in financial and energy hock to the US, the bankers and genocidal maniacs needing patsies, the renewal of Enabling Acts based on manipulated stats, keeping the ‘liberal’ ideologues onside with generous virtue signalling…and keeping the 7/8ths too scared to disobey.

And finally, perhaps a fresh look at whether “sheep” really is the best collective noun for the Happy Dupes……

During a 35 year career spent both conducting and analysing market research, I was lucky enough to join the industry just before people in it began to question whether pure demographics (age, sex, social class, marital status) were enough to explain different types of people and how they think and buy. Psychographics (given the rapid emergence of qualitative depth interviews and focus groups) and lifestage (rather than just age) thus came almost naturally into vogue.

Last night – just before 3 am – I shot up bolt upright after having an incredibly vivid dream about pre-pubescent infants with adult faces following some sort of Pied Piper of Hamelin into a giant Pyramid. Even I in my bleary-eyed state couldn’t fail to see a link in my head. So in the best clichéd tradition of writers with a permanent scribbling pad by the bed, I wrote the following notes. What they reflect is that – having already postulated in previous posts here that the Remainer > Covid believer > Vaccine enthusiast is a psychographic type – it is also an extreme (an stunted) lifestage type:

Children – make believe > Tooth Fairy, Father Christmas, trust whatever “parent” says

Children – afraid of the dark > Unnatural fears, safety in numbers

Children – crave protection > Certainty, rules, ritual, safety in obedience, masks, distancing, Remainer mentality, ideologies as comfort blankets

Children – poor reasoning > Screen out horror by denying it

Children – ignore consequences > Lord of the Flies, victimisation, sadism, bullying. Immaturity, dark side constantly seeing light, false Gods. Lack of any commercial perspective.

What we are dealing with here is childlike infants.

I know it may seem to many somewhat élitist in its own right to suggest that 7/8ths of Western populations are tall children bereft of the good and bad sides of being an adult. All I can tell you is that comments made to me by Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Polish, South African and Namibian citizens throughout my life have suggested the exact same thing.

This is a new perspective for me. I would love to hear what others coming to this site think, because one never quite knows when an apparently academic observation about “what’s going on” right now might be incredibly useful when it comes to Pushback.

Thanks for persevering. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.