This building Page at The Slog was inspired by the behaviour of manipulative media, government, legislative, globalist and financial institutions when trying to spin or twist events in the recent and distant past. The original Slogpost describing this practice evoked a shoal of comments, emails and social media retweets – so I’ve decided to feature the desire to “alter history” regularly in this space from all angles.

Institutions are, of course, merely a collection of individuals; as I have posted on several occasions, this use of lies to “explain” events, motives, actions, emotions and goals stretches from the implausible to the inconceivable. I sense strongly that it has spread beyond the ‘public’ to the ‘private’ arena as more and more citizens take their cue from unethical State actions. In this way do civilisations erode…but equally frightening is the growing gullibility of young people in the face of amorally cynical minorities variously covering up balanced evidence or ‘putting a spin’ on what may have happened anything from two months to two centuries ago.

Truth is like pregnancy – it’s indivisible, but may nevertheless contain surprises along the way. The point of this Page is to help educate those still unable to grasp that, as with science, historical events are never ‘settled’: certitude must be doubted at all times. We must not let these monsters steal evidence of the real Old Normal.

John Ward Rescuing the Past

The Music-Memory Trigger

The Dystopians will try to vapourise and slag off everything good that came before them, but they’re going to have their hands full when it comes to those elements in life that transport we the Wrinklies back in time. This could be anything from the smell of fish and chip shops all the way through to the sight of open fires, and long walks where kicking up the leaves was at least half the fun.

Thus – taking those three examples – after soccer training in Manchester on Thursday nights, we always retired to the El Paso Supper Bar (known locally as the El Pisso) for battered cod with lashings of salt and vinegar; the flicker of flame (and the wood-burn smell next morning) transports me to our weekend cottage in North Oxfordshire during the late 1970s; and falling leaves will always remind me of escapes to Cwm Du in Wales during the early 1980s among genuinely liberal mates coming to terms with the ground-shaking horrors of Thatcherism.

In this post, I want to write about music, and its ability to dilate and overcome Time – transporting us back to the Old Normal. On CD, vinyl, iphone and in Clouds around the world, this is a reality that is – literally – on the record. It would take the Dystopians decades to vapourise it all, which is tough for them, because contained within the lyrics of ‘pop’ music is evidence of how much gentler – or harmless, creatively open-minded, well-arranged and cleverly written – it was.

In the late 1950s, the Everly Brothers told Suzie she had to wake up – having fallen asleep at the drive-in (“the movie wasn’t so hot”) and now it was after midnight: what would people think? Reputations shot, oh-lala. Around 1960, they penned a song So sad to see good love go bad which is an anthem for everyone who ever got dumped.

Also occupying the role of the eternal loser in love was the legendary ‘Big O’, Roy Orbison. His songs brilliantly captured the emotions of young romance. It’s Over (you thought it was forever), Running Scared (will the old flame win her back?), In Dreams (unable to accept that churning reality of betrayal), and the inimitable Cryin’ (meeting an old love after many years):

‘I thought that I was over you/ but it’s true oh so true/ I love you even more than I did before/But darlin’ what can I do/ It’s hard to understand/ that the touch of your hand/ can leave me cryin’/ You wished me well/but you couldn’t tell/ that I’ve been crying.’

Many today would dismiss those lyrics as clichéd; but they weren’t then…they were (and still are) the real, heartfelt and universal pain involved in the shattering of a dream. Are people still that sensitive? I’m not sure that many are: neoliberalism has made the young harder. It’s not an improvement. Even as late as the 1980s, Neil Young (now a wrinkly minus his common sense, sadly) wrote:

‘I can’t forget how/ love lasts a while/ but seems like forever in the first place/ But we’re already one/ now only time can come between us/ Our little son/ Won’t let us forget.’

The Eagles – a hugely talented and often underrated hit-machine in the 1970s – would be seen by the political Lesbian Sisters of No Mercy as ‘misogynist’ today. They weren’t and they aren’t: their output has stood the test of time by offering a sharply realistic understanding of how a few damaged women (‘a smile can open every door’) take the easy way through life and then regret it:

‘You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes/ and your smile’s a thin disguise/Thought by now you’d realise/Ain’t no way to hide your lyin’ eyes’.

Michelle Shocked (herself a lesbian but without the ID issues) touches on the same point in her beautiful song Memories of East Texas:

‘I mean to tell you my friend, there ain’t no easy roads’

Similarly, the Eagles track Take it Easy describes a freewheeling American Freak lifestyle tied closer to dirt roads than harsh urbanism:

Well, I’m a standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona
Such a fine sight to see
It’s a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford
Slowin’ down to take a look at me

Take it easy
Take it easy
Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy
Lighten up while you still can
Don’t even try to understand
Just find a place to make your stand
And take it easy

The other band that (for me) owns its decade in terms of commentary on real life is The Kinks when it comes to the 1960s. While flower-power poseurs were busy singing about hearing their toenails grow, the main Kinks composer Ray Davies wrote Waterloo Sunset, Autumn Almanac, Well Respected Man, Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Lola, Dead End Street, Wonder Boy, Days, and Apeman:

‘I don’ feel safe in this world no more/ I don’ wanna die in a nuclear war/ I wanna sail away to a distant shore/ and make like an apeman’.

Waterloo Sunset in particular captured the atmosphere of Sixties London like no other song:

‘Millions of people/ swarming like flies round/ Waterloo Underground/ But Terry and Julie Cross over the River/To where they fell safe and sound/ And they don’t feel afraid/ as long as they gaze on Waterloo Sunset/ They are in Paradise’

Penultimately, if you ever want to get a taste of sex, drugs and heavy metal before it was called that, you have to invest in the final live album from The Who, Who’s Last. There you’ll learn about odd teenage urges in Pictures of Lily and Can’t Explain, gender confusion in I’m a Boy, true rebellion in My Generation, and the bizarre Mods and Rockers phenomenon in Pinball Wizard:

Ever since I was a young boy
I’ve played the silver ball
From Soho down to Brighton
I must have played ’em all
But I ain’t seen nothing like him
In any amusement hall
That deaf, dumb and blind kid
Sure plays a mean pinball

He stands like a statue
Becomes part of the machine
Feeling all the bumpers
Always playing clean
He plays by intuition
The digit counters fall
That deaf, dumb and blind kid
Sure plays a mean pinball

He’s a pinball wizard
There has got to be a twist
A pinball wizard’s
Got such a supple wrist

Last but not least, the Manchester band Simply Red showed in the late 1980s that life-saving romance was still alive and well in their sublime song A New Flame:

She’s made of real glass
She got real real emotion
But my heart laughs
I have that same sweet devotion
She’s turned me round
A new flame has come
And nothing she can do can do me wrong

I’m told it was a very personal song for the lead singer Mick Hucknell. It certainly is for me: late last year, it seemed to bond me to another human being in a special way. But once again, the internet’s two-dimensionality proved that it’s a medium tailor-made for deception. Which is a large part of what I’m on about here at this new Slogpage.

Now we all have our own favourites from one decade or another, and I have no doubt that many will question mine. But that isn’t the real point….although the hugely eclectic range of music from Swing in 1952 to around 1992 is tangentially relevant: it does after all compare very well indeed to the packaged fame mania typified by Britain’s Got Talent under the dangerous guidance of judges like Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan. Before neoliberalism demanded braindead bums on every seat, talent got discovered – and the talented did it the hard way. Ground-up genuine musical innovation quickly died in the face of Top-Down cynical camera fakery. It’s a continuing story of our sad epoch.

However, what we have looked at briefly in this post is irreversible recorded history. Those baby boomers born soon after the collapse of the last Nazi Empire know perfectly well that the Klaus Schwab Davos rejection of real history is a quite mind-boggling attempt to persuade kids born in the 21st century that post-reset life will be kinder, less stressful and “orltogezza butter” than life seventy years ago. This insane assertion is the great obscenity of our time. Onkel Klaus and his fellow exterminators are openly proud of “ze vay in vich ve haff penotrattet efry major Exucateev in ze Wurlt”.

They’ve had thirty years now in which to improve out lot, and the statistical reality is that we have money of far less value, no employment rights, far less stimulation in our media output, rapidly declining liberties, fixed elections, all-powerful surveillance States, politicised education, rising unemployment, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson, Tony Blair and George Soros.

All of these very strange men have chosen to align themselves with sexuality obsessions, Green nonsense, mandatory vaccination, and pc jargon. So if nothing else, the body of Pop music over the forty year period I presented proves one thing above all: when people called a spade a spade and rebelled against conformity, nobody died.

The only people about to die are the Baby Boomers. In another 15-20 years, we won’t be around to question the air-brushing of the New Stalinists. Ensuring the continued existence of an untouchable, better-known real record of history now is therefore absolutely vital.

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Seeing geopolitics as a video rather than a photograph

Rescuing the Past #2

Maybe I got it wrong in calling this continuing feature ‘Rescuing the Past’. The more overt the NWO plans become, the more it looks like a case of rewriting past, present and future.

But let’s start with the Past anyway. It is now almost exactly thirty years since Washington told the emerging Russian Federation that “NATO will not move a single yard eastwards against you”. This was of course a statement by CIA lifer and US President George Bush Sr – “Watch my lips…no more taxes” _ and so we shouldn’t be surprised by US State perfidy since then. When it came to Holly Bush, expectations of veracity were never high.

The map at the head of today’s post is a classic of “show don’t tell”. And in case anyone thinks I made it up, it is in fact a straight lift from today’s edition of ace Putin-goader the Daily Telegraph.

The map speaks for itself: the light-purple EUNATO acquisitions over the last 25 years show an expansion eastwards of almost exactly 840 miles. So the US has moved its sphere of influence 1.48 million times as many yards closer to the Russian border than they said they would. For those of you thinking in new money these days, the distance is 1,352 kilometers. Even by Langley Virginia standards, that has to be a record level of diplomatic mendacity.

Putin…latest picture

This reality is now being hacked to death by whoring hacks. To give you today’s MSM jingoistic insult score, Vlad the Lad has a warped sense of Russian greatness suggesting he’s a mad dog who must be put down, a warmongering dictator, a wolf dressed as granny who will bare his teeth and one day try to swallow the world. Boris Johnson says Rasputin has chosen the course of death and destruction, and no doubt we shall be sending our crack atomic bicycle powered commandos in to give the Russian Bear a demmed good thrashing. This from the man who told us Novochok was being produced on an industrial scale by Putin, when in fact over 90% of global output originated in Fort Detrick, a US Germ warfare establishment implicated in Contrick19.

The Present too is being bent out of any reasonable shape: Germany is said to be preparing some kind of gas pipeline sanctions….an odd thing to do as unser geliebte Geli is massively dependent on Russian gas…as is much of the EU. This is the bollocks-trumping card that Putin holds, but it must not appear as a reality in the Western media game of 3-card brag.

Switching analogies for a second, the FTSE index is 3.4% down on the news of Putin’s cyber-destruction occupying forces now in Eastern Ukraine. That alone wiped $26.8 billion off Russian oligarch wealth. Maintaining a tough stance against NATO encroachment thus gives him energy power against Western expansion and reduces the power of the oligarchic PINTAS* contantly on his back at home. It’s win-win for Vladimir the Warped. As usual, he’s three chess moves ahead of the Rat Pack.

*PINTA = Pain In The Arse

Talking of rats, Trudeau has said he’s cancelling the Emergency Powers because the “emergency” in Canada is now over. In doing so, he’s rewriting the Present: the Nazi-style powers gave him the right to interfere with the bank account of any and every person or institution smeared as Far Right fanatics. This hasn’t gone down well with the real fanatics in central banking and Davos dystopia, because it has torpedoed the digitalisation drive of the Schwabistas and Rothschildren being prepared for Canada. Hence Truck Fudeau’s U-turn.

Across the Atlantic to the Emerald Isle, and more rewritten MSM silence about the immediate past in relation to death rates there. A reliable Dublin source with the numbers to prove it records that the declared death rate moving annual total in Eire is 300% up from the pre-Covid era…..but spookily, almost none of it is recorded as Covid deaths. What can this mean? Surely nobody is seriously suggesting that “vaccination” with mRNA debris might be implicated? For that would be wild conspiracy theory.

Head south east now to the land of my current legalised tithe-extraction residency, and some more notes on double-digit French inflation. The last official figure was 5.4% last December – an Untruth that is off the scale. Corbieres La Condamine, €4.25 in January 2021, €5.27 today; smoked trout was €3.55 for 100 gms, now €4.25; 6-pack of 1664 beer, was €4.65, now €5.35; 5% fat minced beef, was €4.80, now €5.42. (Spookily, the UK inflation rate was also alleged to be 5.4% at that time. In the US it was 7.5%. It’s now 8.3%.)

Earlier this week, I showed that the French presstitutes were positioning the Prince of Petulance as a bulwark against ‘far Right extremism’. Last night Macron announced that, if all goes well, masks will be abandoned after March 15th. Funny how within three weeks, he’s gone from scatalogical threats against the unvaxxed (it’s what shit fetishists do) to the Great Nappy Liberator. But then, three weeks later he will face the electorate.

Nothing must be left to chance.

Now if all the above seems random to you, think again. As I sub-headed at the outset today, the distant and recent pasts are being rewritten to rationalise a present being itself rewritten on the hoof in order to auto-predict (and thus rewrite) a future being laid out for us across a stunningly eclectic range of monetary, constitutional, economic, technological and cultural goose-stepping.

Thus, the snapshot we get is of a Mad Dog dictator, a liberal Canadian leader dispensing with dystopian powers, a loveable seat-of-the-pants British PM condemning the dictator with appropriate solemnity, falling markets attacking our savings thanks to Russian imperialism, plucky EUNATO protecting us against Stalin 2, inflation created by a gallant fight against Covid19 – the greatest threat to humanity since the Black Death, and an EU-leading French centrist fighting off the dark forces of racism.

But if you eschew the daily media click-click-flash, and instead view recent and contemporary history as a video, an infinitely clearer past—present—future continuum emerges.

One in which inflation will be allowed to let rip, destroy money as we understand it, and pave the way for a digitalisation Reset whereby mRNA crippled survivors of a Sino-Anglofone led genocide operation will be given minimal benefits….so long as they obey at all times and possess a smart ID card proving they are good boys and girls.

A nightmare in which those who complain rather than comply are hunted down as terrorists who engage in insurrection, off-message thoughts and diabolical plots to destabilise the Reset philanthropes – who (naturally) have only the best interests of their regrettably stupid sheep herds at heart.

I ask all open-minded people to stop seeing 21st century life as a series of events – Iraq War, Banking liquidity crisis, Greek debt, Brexit, Covid19 and Ukraine – and start interpreting them as part of a corporate and bureaucratic unelected rolling coup d’état that got off the ground in 1963 Dallas – and is now poised to impose a top-down techno-nightmare upon all of us.

“The real problem is arranging an event in a way that tells a story which is just incredible enough to be interesting, but credible enough to be believed”Richard Helms, former Head of the CIA