It’s all rather de-arresting

I don’t know if any of you have ever been de-arrested. I was arrested once in 1967 for calling a Bobby ‘a fascist bastard’ during a demo against the revisionist lackey Harold Wilson.I don’t, however, recall being de-arrested…or charged for that matter. The incident remains confused in my mind, and I suspect drugs were involved in some way or other.
This de-arresting fate apparently befell David Cameron’s media advisor Steve Hilton following the Tory Conference last year. He failed to show a valid travel ticket ‘in time’ to transport police, as a result of which somebody dressed in dark blue seems to have said “Right chummy,you’re nicked” or similar. But after Steve said (I imagine) something like “Do you know who I am?” his arrest was cancelled. Fascinating.
Except I remain unclear as to why the source of this inane tale is Tory Central Office itself as I live and breathe squire, it’s a fair cop an’ I’ll come quiet like.
The only possible answer is (surely) that New Labour was about to make hay with this, and so Conservative spin doctors decided to pre-empt the appalling revelation.
Our Steve apparently wound up with a penalty notice under the Public Order Showing of Ticket (1873) Act, but none of this fascinating detail explains why BBCNews devoted a whole web-page to the non-story today.
There is a serious point to this post. It is this: pillocks with nothing better to do than fight over who gets the best spin out of some other PR-pillock’s over-indulgence in conference libations are doing nothing but this, day in, day out.
Worse still,lazy and craven Beeb hacks sit there and write about it as if some of us might be even remotely interested in Steve Hilton’s inability to hold his liquor.
And while all this bollocks unfolds, the country of my birth is sinking into a deeper and deeper morass of debt, mendacity, graft and mediocrity.
As my mum used to say, it makes you want to spit.