Sedition in small slices, Murder in Wigan, Madness inside Intel

Repressive regimes fall more often because of death by a thousand niggles than as a result of storming Bastilles. The first sign that American pc had reached a zenith was The Simpsons. The second was Desperate Housewives.
This morning (on BBCNews of all places) an anchor-lady had obviously been brought close to vomiting by the management-drivel speaker her anchor partner was interviewing. The interviewee (a civil engineer surprise, surprise) pronounced his desire to ‘drive over stereotypes’.
The slot ended and, back on camera, the news-frock said “It’s nine twenty-eight, and this is BBCNews driving over stereotypes twenty-four hours a day”. A classic moment, and one in which I realised I had, quite possibly, fallen in love.
Driving over an unfortunate car owner in Wigan was the car-thief product of Correct Labour’s caring State. The female MG owner stood in front of the car being purloined by this feral Ostrogoth, and so being a logical lad he drove over her while making his escape. No doubt he said “Sorted” to himself as he did so; and indeed, the woman did die. Teaching the Underclass to drive anything other than a mine-shaft shuttle is asking for trouble.
Later, A man from Intel (obviously allowed outside for the day) came onto the business slot to say that the company’s innovation would one day allow motorists to drive at 500,000 miles an hour. My immediate reaction was that he should be killed, all his workings-out destroyed, and a news blackout declared around Wigan.