Clegg’s pressure pays off

Sir John Chilcot is expected to announce later today that Gordon Brown will face the Chilcot enquiry before the General Election.

As predicted here last week, Nick Clegg has been pushing questions and pulling strings to get The One-Eyed Trouser Snake in front of Chilcot. This morning, Nick’s terrier-like devotion to the task appeared to have paid off. On hearing the Chilcot leak, the Libdem chief told BBCNews:
“I start from the basic principle that when a government decides to take a country to war … and when they do it when the vast majority of the people of the country don’t want it to happen … the inescapable conclusion is that people must come clean about their role in making that decision.”

This was very Cleggo-dense as a statement, but as you read here first, Nick Clean still harbours the aim to get a dramatic revelation out about Brown ousting Blair based on Iraq dirt he had on Teflon Tony. Further, as The Slog also predicted, the Watt-gossip referred to this via Brown’s alleged scream of “I’ll bring you down with sleaze”. Whether this little bit of friendly fire can worm its way into a Chilcot question remains to be seen.
The Slogger has the inside track on this one. Stay tuned.