Exclusive: Chilcot panel split as Straw is recalled

Straw…ageing under the pressure?

As exclusively predicted here yesterday, the Chilcot Inquiry has decided to recall one of the key ‘war legality’ witnesses. Jack Straw will now reappear before the panel on February 8th.

The Inquiry has allotted three hours for his second session. But sources close to the inquiry told The Slogger this morning that the panel is ‘split down the middle’ about further witness recalls. I understand that at least one panel member found Elizabeth Wlimshurst’s evidence ‘damning’, and is pushing for Geoff Hoon to reappear. Although Hoon was not an ever-present member of the Inner War Circle, it is thought he may have more to add in relation to military opinion about invasion viability.
Meanwhile, pressure remains on the Inquiry to recall Alistair Campbell. And as former Attorney General Goldsmith prepares to give evidence, the Guardian today reveals that he has funded his defence with taxpayer money.