New Labour underestimates cost of aged care. No, there must be some mistake….

“Heard the one about….”

Most of the UK media noted today that New Labour had underestimated the cost of helping old people in their own homes.

Two years ago, the nby bit of what is now The Slog ran a piece about the sad case of Alan Johnson’s dementia – or cynicism, depending on your viewpoint.

The article is lengthy, but bears some re-examination. Now as the Election approaches, the loud gestures and budgetary fantasies of the folks who were going to make things even better are coming back to bite them.

What old people got out of all this was a press conference and a few platitudes from Ben Bradshaw. What the private sector of aged care got was a fall-off in demand, thousands of caring offspring having been silly enough to believe that Postie Al either knew what he was talking about, or meant it.

Dame Joan Bakewell is a Labour-luvvie – and the old people’s Tsarina. Where is her criticism of this utterly disgraceful scam?