Mandy & Jock go blamestorming on telly

Success has many fathers, and failure is a bastard. But both the economy and the Iraq War show what happens when politicians leave it too late.

Wait too long before taking action, and you won’t just run out of options: you’ll run out of time.
After protracted weeks of trying to get a second UN resolution early in 2003, the politicians gave the British army about to invade Iraq a pitifully short time to get equipped. So says Jock Stirrup. (This very fact alone demonstrates that the later claim of ‘a second resolution wasn’t necessary’ is risible. But the Dead Sheep’s Society let that one go.)The truth is, both Blair – and a jittery Army still trying to get a clear view on legality – left everything to the last minute.
Interesting again to note, however, that nobody from any discipline has as yet pointed an accusing finger at Brown.In this context, Chilcot now has a cast-iron excuse to get Hoon back – if only because what he said about supplies doesn’t really tally with Jock’s version. There’s also a good chance that Geoff the Jelly will deal with Brown-created equipment problems.

But as I wrote earlier, the parsimony about cash is not the main game in town: the goal now is to get somebody to flush out how Brown survived an obvious Blairite plot to elbow him…and wound up turning the tables. If Gordo has the negatives, where are they and what do they show?

Putting off economic pain is more about running out of options; this is what New Labour did during 2008 and 2009. So now everyone’s in a corner, Lord Mandelson calls a press conference to say the Tories will make things worse if they try and reduce the debt run up by New Labour, and aren’t they just a gaggle of silly little Billies? But Mandy was light on what he’d do about a debt so enormous, every week we don’t pay it back takes away still more money required for economic stimulation.
It is of course a rock and a hard place: perhaps His Holiness hopes to get rid of the rocks by lobbing them at the Cameroons.
The problem is, Mandy has a point: the Conservatives are indeed all over the place. If this new-policy-every-day approach is what they get up to in Opposition, the mind strains to imagine what a drizzle of panic they’ll be once in office.
Also -I am here to tell you based on both observation and leaks – Osborne simply isn’t up to it as Chancellor. Keep an eye on what Old Suede Shoes is up to.