On being a human rights protester

Peter Tatchell is everyone’s favourite gay protester…and a libertarian’s nightmare.
The Times today describes Peter Tatchell as a ‘human rights protester and gay activist’. The paper’s ability to use this description without irony probably tells everyone all they need to know about the ethical traffic-accident that is Murdochania.

Twenty years ago, Tatchell was the doyen of all those keen to ‘out’ gays who (as such) didn’t want to be outed. So it seems a bit odd that a chap so committed to human rights – for example, being left alone – should have devoted so much of his neurotic life to dragging innocent people into spotlights they never wanted to inhabit.
Anyway, La Tatch is now busily engaged in protecting the human rights of those who would rather the Pope didn’t visit Britain. The Pontiff’s crime, it seems, is to have dared to suggest that forcing silence upon people who don’t approve of homosexuals might be an infringement of their human rights.

To date, a massive 4000 people have signed Peter’s petition. The signatories describe themselves as a rainbow coalition of gay groups, feminists and pro-abortion activists. So, no Catholics, heterosexual blokes, policemen, soldiers, hardworking families, Gordon Browns, Anglicans, victims of property crime, people down the pub, or Muslims then?

The confusion, hypocrisy, dictatorship and knee-jerk nature of Tatchell and his camp followers does not dim with age.