The Slog has argued for over a year now that Britain’s Care System is compromised by paedophiles already in it. Over that time, Liverpool, Staffordshire and Plymouth have been identified as areas where it is felt to be rife.

While the madness of 12 million citizens being vetted and barred continues, a new case in Liverpool suggests yet again that dangerous predators are already in the system.
Matthew Byrne faces 32 charges of rape, assault by penetration and false imprisonment.
He is accused of sex attacks on seven different women, and in some cases is alleged to have beaten the women with a cane, gagged, and throttled them for sexual pleasure – says the Liverpool Echo.
Byrne ran the Young Person’s Advisory Service, working with children as young as 10, and was an area organizer for the shadowy organization Common Purpose. CP hastily removed Mr Byrne’s name from their list of area organizers once the charges were announced.
Byrne is another potential case of a senior care-system position being used to indulge in various perverted practices. He is also a classic case in having high connections:

Heseltine and Cameron (above) with Big Cheese

This is how it happens, Ed Balls. Secretive Courts, secretive organisations, gagging orders and cover-ups. Please, please close down your Twitter account, get off your ample bottom – and do something. A lot less V & B security blankets, and a lot more real police work, if you please.
The Slog has devoted many articles over time to this problem. While some conspiracy theories in this area are lunatic fringe to say the least, the history of false imprisonment and trumped up charges against parents is a long one.

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