D’yer wanna be in my gang my gang my gang…

Cherie Blair,it seems, can be added to the list of bent judges.

In the heat of battle yesterday, the news-hounds at Slogger Hall missed this gem from the Beeb’s website:
‘Shamso Miah, 25, of Redbridge, east London, broke a man’s jaw following a row in a bank queue. Sitting as a judge, Ms Booth – wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair – said she would suspend his sentence on the basis of his religious belief’
Or suspend disbelief on the grounds of Cherie’s madness. Or suspend her as a judge on the basis of blatant bias.

I’m happy to note that the National Secular Society has launched a formal complaint. But this is what terrifies me about the elite: here she is, a senior Silk steeped in constitutional law, and yet not for a second does it occur to her that equality before the law is central to a libertarian society.
Perhaps a lifetime of believing the nonsense of affirmative action has addled Cherie’s brain. I mean heh – why not let John Terry off because he’s captain of England?

But we shouldn’t be surprised. Mrs Blair is , after all, into crystal pendants, faith healers, Tony Blair and dodgy fantasist advisors. And Papal mumbo-jumbo.
We should put her in charge of saving the Irish peace process. The Prods would be invading the South within a month.