EXCLUSIVE: Secret Tory polls show Labour lagging behind in marginals

There’s a very good reason for the spring in David Cameron’s step this morning, The Slog can reveal

Dave is going to deliver a blistering attack on The Great Gordo’s toleration of Grubby Labour today. And while Hattie is already out there saying “oooh…sub judice…” it won’t wash. The Devine Whip story is breaking, and if Tommy McAvoy is the man referred to by Leaky Jim, the trail leads straight back to Gordon – see last night’s Slog piece.

But there are other reasons why Cammers is feeling chipper this Monday morning. The Slogger has been given sight of some very encouraging marginal polling done on behalf of the Conservatives; and it shows New Labour lagging well behind in the key marginals.
Word also reaches me from Commons sources that the focus-groupies are cock-a-hoop about who’s losing the Sleaze War: nobody’s winning it of course, but the Brown/Blair/Mandelson/Devine axis is, again, seen as rather more unpleasant.

Hence the Leader’s decision to go for the jugular. But Cameron should have a care: as Brown’s piece of sanctimony in the Observer yesterday proved, holier than thouness can backfire.