New Miracle Gordo: high in sympathy, low in respect, zero in leadership

….but Gordon hasn’t

The poll following Piers Morgan’s interview with the Prime Minister tells us very little

Following what New Labour thought to have been positive focus groups results, Gordon Brown has emerged from the latest Politicshome research with more sympathy and less respect. Except it’s hard to say whether this means less respect because he’s seen as weak – or less respect because people correctly discerned what the programme was – a staged political ad for an incompetent hypocrite.

My guess is that the group research has revealed more to the inner New Labour clique. But equally important from this quantitative poll is who felt more sympathy and less respect – because these things will have different consequences depending on gender and social class. Sadly, the tables are only available ‘on request’.

Reading the comment threads yesterday, the early view I’ve formed is that Brown would’ve been better off not doing the interview; but much of this is conjecture. In the real world, as of last weekend the PM is increasingly being given very clear advice that he must go to the Polls before Britain’s dire state becomes too obvious.

As the switchboard closed at Slogger’s Roost tonight, one lobby correspondent summed up the state of play in Downing Street rather well. “Gordon Brown is dead set on March 24th. Until the next opinion poll, when he might not be”.