What’s REALLY happening in Staffordshire?

The media are continuing to ‘report’ on failings within Staffordshire’s medical and social care – but this is yet another example of their obsession with symptoms. When the symptoms appear, it’s too late.

Since 2006, The Slog has been alerting readers to a cultural problem in Staffordshire. By ‘cultural’, we mean high underclass numbers, above average statistics for children in care, and appalling standards in all socio-medical services.

These are not, of course, mutually exclusive. But they are allowed to both continue and flourish because of the hopelessly illiberal nature of the Family Courts System, the ability of incompetent social workers to hide behind it – and the arbitrary powers being handed to judges. There is, without doubt, an incestuous relationship between the judiciary and social care throughout Britain; but this is especially apparent in Staffs.

In the coming days and weeks, The Slog will be revealing several horrific scandals in the areas of both physical and financial abuse of the system. We will also show how ridiculous the blanket ban is on Family Court proceedings – and why those who oppose radical reform in the field have an agenda which, at times, begs tricky questions about what their motives might be for so doing.

This will not be conspiracy theory bollocks: as always with the nby BollockSlog, it will deconstruct the amazing degree of legal bollocks surrounding the issue….and expose at least two practitioners living off the fat of taxpayers and the heartbreak of victims.

And as ever, the site will be one step (at least) ahead of the rest of the media pack.