Censorship and cover-up remain the Order of the Day in Brusselomania

After British Eurosceptic MEP Nigel Farage spluttered a tirade against European Council President Herman van Rompuy, EU Parliamentary President Jerzy Buzek is expected to give the Wannabe Bucks MP a jolly good telling off next week. Don’t speak your mind in the EUSSR.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s comments that the Euro was in a ‘dangerous period’ prompted fresh fears about the collapse of the single currency. You read it here first – but we’re still not being told who will pay for the Greek taverna relaunch. Don’t expect a free press in the EUSSR

The Italians were just a bit late to feel David Mills’collar…a prosecutor told State judges that the charges against David Mills should be dropped under Italy’s statute of limitations ‘because too much time had elapsed since the alleged bribe was paid’. Don’t expect justice in the EUSSR.