As family protection system careers towards the cliff-edge, Minister responsible Ed Balls uses racism to fight for his life

Ed Balls and Labour Party colleague

The Daily Mail has been given copies of Ed Balls election fliers addressing the concerns of ‘white families’.

It’s a tight race in the Balls seat, as Fat Eddie fights for his political life. So the man we all thought couldn’t stoop any lower has managed to limbo under another ethical line…by playing the race card.

‘I want you to help me keep the pressure up on the Government in relation to reforming and updating our immigration and citizenship rules and laws’ says one leaflet which the Mail says (correctly for once) ‘would shame the BNP’.

Oddly enough Ballsy, you are the Government. You are the Minister for Families who promised radical Family Courts reform in 2006…and then joined Twitter instead.

Hence the Staffordshire meltdown…and the flurry of articles emanating from this site about the mess he (and his chum Andy Burnham) helped create.

Footnote: The Slogger has been banned from Twitter – I would guess because Ed Balls complained about me hounding him….and showing how much time this obese twerp spends tweeting. Anyone on Twitter start campaigning now: Free the Slogger’s Roost One to go back on Twitter!