The Speaker is wheeling in a decidedly motley crew for the upcoming Buckingham contest.

Further letters went out to Buckingham Tory Party members last week demanding ‘discipline and loyalty’ in support of Speaker Bercow, The Slog has learned.

To accompany his campaign slogan (‘A Voice for Buckingham – a Speaker for Parliament’) John Bercow will inform his electorate this coming week that he has the full backing of David Blunkett and Charles Kennedy.

Time will tell whether the good burghers of Bucks will think this relevant to their problems with the Speaker Candidacy; but given that Conservative Leader David Cameron has also offered his ‘full support’, protocol would’ve dictated that Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg should follow suit.

Blunkett and Kennedy aren’t much of a consolation prize for the man whose devotion to cleaning up politics forced him to spend £20,000 doing up his free Speaker’s Apartment….and sending out somewhat vulgar (and improper) begging letters to the rich folks in the Aylesbury area.

But then you see, The Slogger’s Westminster canvassing suggests that quite a lot of the Expense Account Tendency would be happy to see Bercow come a cropper.

The situation in Bucks is now absolutely riddled with double standards and confusion. The Tories force their workers to support a man who isn’t in their Party any more, the national press are too dense by and large to understand the maths of three anti-Bercow candidates appealing to three different franchises, two old duffers are wheeled out as representatives of the Elite we’re all supposed to admire – and Candidate Farage is already an MEP whose specialism seems to be haranguing Belgians.

It is not a pretty sight. But it doth certs bring forth the Establishment’s final curtain.