How to be removed from Nick Robinson’s comment thread

Just arrived at Slogger’s Roost from the Beeb:

Dear BBC Blog contributor,

Thank you for contributing to a BBC Blog. Unfortunately we’ve had to remove your content below.

This was the content:

‘ Survival for the Labour Party is impossible based on their record, so they are forced to provide the bread and circuses they’ve been offering the nation for the last thirteen years. It is not so much New Labour as Old Mandelson.
That the Tory leader should be offered lessons on how to behave by that man is bizarre to say the least. But the most amazing thing about it is the media, and their apparent inability to read comment threads. They show without a shadow of doubt that the voters are deeply uninterested in the Ashcroft affair.
Unsurprisingly, it has backfired on the Tories in the marginals – where Ashcroft’s money will be most resented. This also shows that the People do not like moguls influencing politics….but we shouldn’t hold our collective breath waiting for politicians themselves to work this out.
Meanwhile, the PM lies brazenly to Chilcot, and not a single media title can be bothered to go to the MoD website and look up the numbers – at:
The obvious ramifications of these numbers are available at:
The more information is available, the easier it is for public figures to lie.’

This is precisely what happened the last time The Slog caught Brown lying. The sooner we are rid of Mark Thompson the Arm-Biting Jellyfish, the better.