Friday night catch-up

The Slogger briefly reviews running stories that have been a preoccupation of the site in the last week or so.

EU Financial Fiasco – The Greek prime minister warned European leaders they have a week to reveal plans to rescue his country’s economy, or he will turn to the IMF.

Top Tory Split
– David Cameron overruled Ken Clarke on Thursday, who suggested that the Tories would not be able to commit to preventing an increase in National Insurance until they had “the reins of power”. Mr Cameron said that the commitment remains.

Media ignorance about MoD figures – A YouGov poll for the Sun has found that 61% Britons think Gordon Brown lied about armed forces funding to the Iraq Inquiry and MPs.

The militancy of Unite – A strike by British Airways cabin crew will go ahead after talks between the airline and the Unite union collapsed.

Facing economic reality
– The pound has fallen sharply against the dollar and the Euro after a Bank of England policymaker said the UK could yet fall back into recession.

The Franco-German rift – President Nicolas Sarkozy now opposes Germany’s push for an International Monetary Fund loan to Greece, pitting the Euro area’s biggest members against one another over a rescue plan.

Ludicrous Euphoria because Darling undershot a Target – Er um, nothing yet….let’s hope it doesn’t take as long to catch on as Brown’s Chilcot perjury.