Harriet Harman and Ed Balls….why do they never defend liberty as Ministers for Women and Children?

Thanks to the dedicated work of Irish journalist John Waters, The Slog can reveal yet another bizarre case of deeply suspicious child-snatching by the State.

When Justice Mary Finlay Geoghehan said in an Irish courtroom a few weeks back that there was ‘only a possibility’ that Nottinghamshire County Council would forcibly adopt two innocent English children, I almost cried for the naivety of it. Justice Geoghegan has clearly never dealt with the British social care system.

Why was a perfectly normal 2+2 Nottingham family living in Ireland in the first place? Because any forcible adoption is against the law in Eire. (Although under the encroaching attentions of the European Union, that is about to be changed). Why did this family think Notts County Council would try to snatch their kids? Because they’d made it perfectly obvious already they were about to do so.

Read this narrative and weep.

Sometime ago, the parents involved complained about NHS negligence at Nottingham General, after the mother’s eye operation went wrong. On no pretext at all, their children were suddenly removed for a ‘voluntary’ 27 days. When they returned following further legal action by the parents, the parents suspected their kids had been the subject of physical abuse. The police agreed, and began an investigation.

Further charges of unfitness for parentage emerged from the social care arm, and compulsory adoption threats were made. So the parents packed a bag and drove to Ireland – where they’ve been living, happy and undisturbed, ever since. During their time in Ireland, they caused no offence to anyone and committed no crimes. There are in turn no charges or evidence of neglect as parents against them in England.

But last month, an Anglo-Irish social worker force (plus twelve gardai [police]) snatched the two children. And Justice Geoghegan found for the kidnappers. So now the children are back in England…under the same care authority that physically abused the twosome last time – and has yet to produce one shred of evidence to support their charge that the parents are unfit.

As usual, I can’t name the family because an arbitrary judicial gagging order has been placed on all aspects of the case and all those involved. After things are suitably set up, and the right psychiatrist has given evidence in Court – a Secret Family Court of course, with no media allowed – yet another case will disappear into the ether…until a newspaper or a human rights lawyer digs into it and, disgusted by what he or she finds, hammers away at the Bastille which is the social care system in the UK.

I am not a conspiracy theorist on the subject of child snatching. Nobody in the British State is even halfway organised enough to pull off a campaign aimed at kidnapping children – be that for sale, or as part of some insane programme of social cleansing. Brian Gerrish and his fellow-travellers are, in my view, deranged.

The British social care system is secret because it suits a self-perpetuating elite of deluded social workers (with their discredited cod theories about parental alienation and the like) to use bogus criteria and secret courts to cover up their never-ending stream of hopeless incompetence.

I accept fully that the main problem lies with senior management in the social care system: they are the same overpaid people who in other areas of social administration waste £2 in every £5 spent – and then set targets to cover up their ineptitude. I also accept that the majority of social workers do a good job, and are both hopelessly overworked and disgracefully underpaid.

But there exists a minority – and most definitely not a small minority – that breaks up into three psychographic types. These are in turn disturbed beings with a penchant for sadism and paedophilia; Leftish Big State control freaks who think they know better than parents what to do; and naifs who once read a psychology primer,and now simply go along with all the nonsense because they believe it.

The two people in charge of this dark stain on our culture are Harriet Harman and Ed Balls. In 2006, they promised to allow the media access to the Secret Courts, and reform the system. They have done nothing except tweet and scheme for position and power since then – in between leaving the scene of a road accident.

Cases like this spell out why these awful people need to be swept away. The sign-off, as usual, is…

Vote Gordon for more of this.