Promiscuous women responsible for earthquakes, says senior Iranian cleric. Islam mad religion, says senior online journalist.

Why do we find it so hard in Britain to point out madness?

‘Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi told worshippers in Tehran last Friday that they had to stick to strict codes of modesty to protect themselves.”Many women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray and spread adultery in society which increases earthquakes,” he said.’ (BBCNews website)

I have no doubt that speaking my mind on this will earn me a fatwah, but can somebody please tell me why, in the scientific 21st century – even accounting for the confluence of knowledge via both technical and inspirational approaches – anyone should take superstitious mumbo-jumbo like this seriously? And how on earth can it be taken seriously alongside a State that is busy building horrendous weapons based on nuclear physics – in order to wipe out the adherents of a religion who would not dream of spouting such drivel…despite the fact that their religion is 2500 years older than Islam?

Apologies for that last sentence going on somewhat, but the nature of (and threat from) fundamentalist Muslims – I don’t buy into the weasel ist and ic fudge – is both complex, and coming at us from many directions at once. The hypocrisy involved on the Islamic side (and that of the British Establishment) is mind-numbing in its denial of reality, and ability to believe two completely contradictory things things at the same time.

Harriet Harman wails on about the glass ceiling for women in business, but remains tight-lipped about a cultural misogyny that is antithetical to British beliefs in gender fairness and equal opportunities.

Gays campaign to put two harmless B&B owners out of business, but say not a word about a religion that in Islamic States puts homosexuals to death.

Gordon Brown talks about wanting minorities to ‘engage’ in British politics, but turns his blind eye to an East End where Islamic fanatics are systematically taking over every position of power and influence at MP, Councillor, Police liaison and School Governor level.

Tony Blair talks about “bringing real democracy to the Middle East” when a 3rd Year primer on Arab history could show him that there is no tradition of, or interest in, democracy among Muslim States.

Iqbal Sacranie has to have his arm pushed up his back to eventually condemn the 7/7 bombings, but still whines for his religion to be above the law and exempt from all criticism. Yet 34% of his own young people, according to a YouGov study, think the West is decadent, and British culture should be overturned by force of necessary.

That is a British culture which – despite all the Left would have us believe about ‘instititutional racism’ – is in reality tolerant to a fault. No other country in the world would put up with what we take from the Muslim community: not France (they’ve already taken a much tougher line) and certainly not the US. Not Russia (it’s been wiping out the Chechyens for years) and most assuredly not the Germans (who don’t let Turkish auslander have citizenship except in very rare circumstances). Definitely not the Australians (whose PM said two years ago, “This is a Christian country, and if you don’t like it, then leave”) and as for the Kiwis well, they don’t let anyone in with a history of terrorism and less than $1.5million NZ.

Russia aside, do we regard any of these countries as beyond the pale? Do we think of any of them as fascist, racist, religious fanatics or fundamentalist atheists? You might if you’re a member of the SWP, but the rest of us don’t. There seems to be a belief among the British elite today that ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’, and thus we must not ‘sink to the level’ of bigots. But what we’re seeing today is nothing less than the appeasement of bigots – and that isn’t right either.

There is no law whatsoever – moral, legal, religious, logician or libertarian – which says that it is anti-democratic or anti-free speech to tell fascists to mind their manners. The guiding light of all true liberal democrats (uncapitalised) is really very simple: give complete political freedom to all those that would give it to you. At the moment, the BNP professes not to be fascist – and so it is given a grant of free speech and political organisation. I don’t believe any of their soft-soap myself, but Muslim fanatics can’t even be bothered to hide their antipathy. ‘Democracy go to Hell’ and ‘Death to Freedom’ were two placards I saw with my own eyes in a demonstration by young followers of Islam last year. The carriers should’ve been arrested under the Public Order Act; but of course, they weren’t.

There is no reasoning with fanatics. The Weimar Republic found this out the hard way. The Social Democrats thought they could make Hitler their creature, but they couldn’t. I hold no grudge against any ethnicity, religion, culture or social group who wants to get on with everyone else – and behave well. But I have no respect for cowards who let the most obvious perversion and undermining of our system go unpunished. It matters not whether the bullies be bankers, trade unions, Prime Ministers, minority fanatics, crooked MPs, terrorists, ballot-stuffers or psychopaths: they must be faced out, and put where they can do no further harm.

This would happen in our country if we had any self-respect left as a Nation – but we don’t. Ironically, we reserve our respect for clerics preaching death and madness, religions still living in the middle ages, and unrepresentative minorities harbouring theories that represent anything from bad science to mad science.

Perhaps this piece is intemperate. But it is not insane, woman-hating, illegal, revolutionary or anti-democratic. We are going to face some tough times once the electorate wake up (very probably too late) to the fact that we are broke, without helpers, and at long last going to have to mend our yobbish, self-indulgent ways. The first people knuckle-draggers look for in such circumstances are those who are arrogant and vulnerable. In that context, we must give respect where respect is due -and be tough where it isn’t.

UPDATE: Several sources have pointed out to me that the cleric’s use of earthquake ‘may have been allegorical’. However, the Iranian Ministry of Food has pointed out since the speech that ‘earthquakes are created by God to punish immoral women’. Doesn’t sound very allegorical that one, but you never know. also pointed out that barmy TV bible-thumper Pat Robertson has previously said the same thing about the earthquake/devil/immorality thing. My problem is, they all look the same to me.