John Rentoul

New Labour groupie-biographer John Rentoul trudges along his lonely self-appointed Stalinist road in support of Toniev Blairgashvilli. This is his latest offering in reply to a Chris Ames posting at the Iraq Inquiry Digest site:

‘The old Government revealed the truth about Iraq at all times, including in the Iraq Inquiry, which will now be resumed. The belief that there is some hidden truth about the war that has to be “revealed” is a quasi-religious conspiracy theory, the grip of which on the national dementia should now start to lessen.’

I wonder how Rentoul might square this quasi-fundamentalist view with the obvious and publicly issued fact that Old Gordon Brown lied his fat head off about increasing budgets for the troops involved?

And I wonder what circles Le Rentoul will have to square in his defence of Moral Tone’s flat “Of course I didn’t” denial to the now increasingly obvious fact that he signed up in writing to Dubya’s Shock & Awe two years before it happened? Perhaps when the Chilcot Inquiry returns from its American jaunt – which (I hear) is going rather secretively well – John Rentoul will be anxious to discover whether the Pentagon owner of a photocopied letter from Tony to George has shown it to the Inquiry or not.

Hell hath no fury – and Bedlam no lunatic – like a biographer whose subject has been scorned.