You need tolog in to comment,but you must comment before logging in.

The Independent has a new commenting system. Hooray.I just tried to comment on Andrew Cornwell’s North Korea piece in today’s Independent and I couldn’t. Boo. I got independent (gerritt?) witnesses to see if it was me. It wasn’t. Hooray. So I just sent this mail to the moderator.

Your system is weird:

  1. It tells folks to log in but has nowhere to log in
  2. It tells folks they can’t log in until they comment
  3. It then tells you – when you’ve written a long and erudite comment – no commenting until you log in.

I did enjoy Catch 22, but I’ve read it twice already. Can you tell me please what I have to do?

(And yes, my cookies are enabled)



Very sarcastic. Boo.