FACEBOOK: Behind the cover, this book is censored.

I’ve had a few problems recently with postings made in the media (that I asked NOT to be shared on Facebook) miraculously being….shared on Facebook. When I declined Facebook’s kind offer to share with them everything posted on the Daily Beast site as well earlier this week, the equally kind offer to sign in via Facebook was abruptly removed.

This morning, I wrote an apology to friends on Facebook about these wishes being ignored, and their resultant exposure to spam. I got this later from Team Facebook by email…

Your comment could not be submitted. Please try submitting this comment at http://www.facebook.com/ instead.


The Facebook Team

Naughty pupil pull tongue out at teacher, teacher pull naughty boy’s tongue out.

Just as politicians need our votes, business service suppliers need our purchases. When politicians don’t need our votes, you get the Lisbon Treaty. When business suppliers think they don’t need our purchases, you get the increasingly familiar spectre (on the internet especially) of user forums, no telephone or email service, and ignoring what you want. And censorship.

Only we can confuse suppliers about the master/servant relationship. Without our human need to stay in touch and thus provide an advertising audience, suppliers like Facebook wouldn’t have a business. But if we all behave like the mouse who lives in the understairs cupboard, they will ignore us.

Dealing with authority and business has become a game of poker. It shouldn’t be, but it is. In this game of bluff, we have all the aces. So why fold?

In pharmaceuticals, finance, welfare provision and televisual media, most of us folded years ago. To continue the gambling analogy, this is because they’ve persuaded us that they own the pot. They’ve been able to do this because we’re addicted to what they offer. It’s a very simple deal: ‘It’s only a game: just let me win, and I won’t cut off the drug’.

The same situation is rapidly coming to fruition on Facebook, Twitter, and every other networking/personal news system.

Five years ago, when I caught Orange selling my details on, they hit me with a threat of removal from all email networks worldwide.

Three months ago when I used Twitter to ask Ed Balls every day why he was doing nothing about secret Family Courts and paedophile penetration of social services, they froze my account. If Twitter do this, there’s no redress, no court of appeal – and no explanation.

Now Facebook have censored my own statement on my own page, because it criticised two of their ‘stakeholders’.

These people are dangerous. Message ends.