ROUNDUP: Lassoing today’s sillier bits

‘Pregnant women warned about heels’ said the BBCNews website this morning.
All men are heels, but it’s surely better to warn women about this before they fall pregnant.

Herman van Rompuy and Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday asserted that there would be ‘no EU treaty changes’. But then Angela Merkel put her foot down, and today van Rompuy the Mighty said Treaty changes were now “on the agenda”. President Sarkozy meekly added, “If a treaty change is needed we will propose it”.

But on further reflection, Sarko said that it was not absolutely clear that a Treaty change would be needed to deprive rule-breaking governments of their EU vote. However, EU officials then said there was nothing in the present treaties that would allow such a move. To clear up any remaining doubt, Frau Merkel summed up the ‘agreement’ like this: “We agree to change the Treaties. Germany and France will soon make proposals and, for example, will remove the voting rights of the countries that do not meet the deficit criteria and the Stability Pact”.

You always know where you are with the EU: all over the place, and then the Germans say “here”.

And finally, from the Bloomberg site this afternoon…

‘Euro Turmoil Sends Borrowers to Loonies’

I know exactly how they feel.