VETTING & BARRING: If nothing else, we are seeing a return to commonsense

Ed Balls was quick to tweet that new Home Secretary Theresa May (left) was ‘woefully ignorant’ in abandoning his mad Vett & Bar scheme. (See numerous Slogs passim, but especially this one). And The Slog was quick to tweet back on the subject of the only thing bigger than his ego (not counting his arse): his hypocrisy.

Ms May isn’t really my cup of tea, but at least she has recognised that putting 13 million child-workers onto a database is not the way to catch paedophiles – and won’t catch those who are already in the system anyway. (See nby files on social services penetration)

The ‘idea’ was simply another example of ‘Flash ‘arry’ New Labour let’s-show-the-grockles-we’re-doing-something. Balls and his partner in crime Harriet Harman never lifted a finger for a single real family during their thankfully long-gone regime.