The EU: do we want to trade with a wheat basket and a basket case?

There’s not much more one can add in order to complete the survey of EU bent madness recorded in numerous Slog columns.

A central bank split and giving in too much to politicians.

Fiscal policies being ignored and unregulated.

A plummeting Euro adding to our export relationship with the eurozone

And most recently, the all-up membership fee.

So I will merely add the most recent insanities, and then move on.

Yesterday’s EU summit confirmed its desire to put Iceland (a bankrupt nation which welchedon its UK debts) on fast-track to join the Union.

The U.K. claims to have secured an agreement with its European Union partners that will allow it to present its budget to U.K. lawmakers first. But this deal was effected (says the Daily Telegraph) during a working lunch of langoustine, chicken and 1990 claret. Within an hour of the piss-up sorry meeting, Sarkozy was quikc to point out the Britain’s reprieve is temporary. The
truce over budget “surveillance” is likely to end within a fortnight, when the Commission moves to “fast track” its proposals and bring forward legislation on the plan by September

As the EU melts down, we will either get sucked in by subterfuge, or left outside the mess with nowhere to turn.

Having an export strategy that’s neither fish nor fowl isn’t a good idea at the best of times. In the current situation, it is a disaster waiting to happen.

The US is heading down the tubes, and the EU is heading up itself first – and then down the tubes.

I respectfully suggest that these are not the trading partners we need.

(To be continued)