In politics, it’s important to get the big things right.

Chris Huhne is alleged tonight to be ‘leaving his wife after an affair’. Whether he will only leave when this Third Party affair is finally over (it’s still at the three times a night stage) or whether Mr Huhne has had an affair with his wife – following which he will leave her – is not entirely clear: you can’t always tell with the LibDems, whose sexual preferences are never less than eclectic. Either way, Mrs Huhne is unlikely to benefit emotionally from the situation.

This was almost the lead story on the UK’s politicshome site, just behind one stating that the Cleggeroon duo will broadcast to the nation after Tuesday’s flagellation Budget. Hot on the heels of these two leads were….

* Mr Clegg’s personal pain about the cuts in Sheffield
* Ed Balls’ desire to reate a ‘diversity fund’ for ethnic Labour candidates
* Lord Ashcroft is no longer a non-dom
* A Tory MP who threw himself in front of a train….and missed.

So now you know the media is on the case and focused on the Big Issues, you can sleep well tonight.