PAKISTAN/TURKEY: Islam and Free Speech (Continued)

Yesterday Malaysia, tomorrow the World: Islam sets out its stall on internet censorship.

Pakistan will soon begin monitoring for anti-Islamic content on major websites, alleged various news agencies last week – another sign that censorship and the quashing of free speech go hand in hand with being an Islam-following culture

The Pakistan story was confirmed on Friday. Authorities in the country stated that they would start monitoring major Internet search engines, including YouTube, Microsoft sites, Bing, Amazon and Facebook. The last was blocked for some time recently after pictures of the Prophet Muhammad were posted, a practice forbidden by Islam.

And on Thursday last, the Turkish communications minister in Turkey said the Youtube was “waging a battle against the Turkish Republic”. He too declared a firm intention to block internet sites “whenever we see examples of things derogatory about Turkey or Islam”. This is a country, you may remember, that some are keen to have in the EU.

“Google and YouTube are platforms for free expression, and we try to allow as much content as possible on our services and still ensure that we enforce our content policies,” a lady from YouTube told the media yesterday.

I wonder if by chance the already Born Again Rupert Murdoch is about to convert to Islam? This might explain his paywalls idea.