Yeh, but what’s in it for us?

There’s a piece posted today at The Daily Beast. It’s by some bloke with a morality disablement called Thaddeus Russell.

It represents perhaps the best expression of complete and utter self-interested spineless fear ever to come out of the US. It is in fact from the same stable as the rhinocerous-skinned US commander based in the UK at 7/7 who immediately ordered all his troops to get the Hell out of London.

If ever you wanted a vindication of the Slog’s view that the US is a great country (but the worst ally you could ever have) I urge you to read it….and then read the comment thread. No matter which side of the Israel/Gaza argument you’re on, this article and the response to it will appall every person who cares about the defence of freedom.

I don’t see why I should be depressed alone.

But the bottom line is, the UK needs new trading partners – and new allies. Because trust me, the US is heading isolationist at the speed of sound.