I must confess, I didn’t imagine that the Raoul Moat fiasco would provide further evidence of the damaging effects of social workers. But clearly, it does.

It has emerged in the last few hours that the former nightclub doorman asked both prison staff and social workers for help in case he had a “problem”. On several occasions, he specifically asked for a psychiatrist ‘to talk to on a regular basis’. He didn’t get one.

Instead – and here it almost makes one want to laugh – the social workers focused on his kids…who were the subject of…..Secret Family Court proceedings. As regular Sloggers will know, there is an obsession with removing kids from families hard-wired into every social worker.

However – laughter now turns to tears of sorrow and frustration – when the social workers commissioned a psychiatrist’s report to see if Moat was a danger to his three small children, the pscychiatrist recommended that there was no case for treatment.

Entirely predictably, the Council involved – dear old Newcastle, turning up again like a bad penny – is being coy about what the outcome was of the Secret Family Court case.

In our earlier piece about the resultant £3million police operation, we wrote:

‘…it happened because he was and always would be a danger to society. The telling point here is that the prison let him go following a risible sentence (they had no choice) but within minutes were ringing various police forces, more or less to yell “Headcase alert!” What is the point of a justice, sentencing and incarceration system that behaves like this?’

Anyway, my apologies – I forgot about the social workers. Silly me.