OPINION: Time to take the pc out of police constable.

Theresa May’s legacy should be the re-establishment of an apolitical constabulary.

Like most people of a certain age, I have lost most of my sympathy with and for the police. We joke about ‘Good cop, Bad cop’ – but it’s hard to seek out the good guys today.

On the whole, we must forget probity and ethics among the boys in blue today: the police in both middle and senior ranks have been caught fiddling the numbers by every title from Telegraph to Guardian: they ‘fit up’ as many lags as they ever did, they collude with social services to kidnap problem-family kids on the flimsiest of evidence, and the IPCC….well, it’s just an obscene piece of pointless window-dressing.

Decent coppers are few and far between, but they are easy to recognise. They are those who look ashamed when the CPS turns its back on habitual criminals in order to keep costs down and conviction targets up. In my experience, they exist from Sergeant downwards, and are about 10% of the clods recruited these days.

As for the senior ranks, they have buried the plot (if you follow) in return for career enhancement; and for this they deserve the same fate as any other politically correct moron.

The key point is surely this: if you subscribe to political correctness, then you are by definition a political police force. And down that road lies the Gestapo. Not only does such a police force fail to reassure the populace about crime: it terrifies them into submission.

The only answers are (a) to remove the whole force from Party politics; (b) have all police complaints initially vetted by an all-Party committee, and then tried in special open courts; and (c) ditch all the ‘I am a leader in diversity’ drivel, and get back to being a deterrent strictly within the confines of the same laws the rest of us must face.

Equality before the law – for police, bigwigs, Islamics, newspapers, Masons and Nazis – is the ultimate guardian of liberty. Under New Labour, the concept of a politicised police force gained ground. Theresa May’s job now is to squash this idea without mercy.