And now, the next thing that’s going to kill us.

If epidemiologists around the world are to be believed (and why would they be?) within a few years the world’s economic problems will be of an entirely different order: how to provide the manpower to help a decimated world human population get back on its feet.

NDM-1 is here – and you don’t want to know about NDM-2. The cries of doom are familiar; Professor Timothy Walsh at Cardiff University opines that “The potential of NDM-1 to be a worldwide public health problem is great, and co-ordinated international surveillance is needed”.
His findings – that some Indians and Pakistanis have developed a new gene removing their resistance to superbugs – will add to concern to that which already exists about resistant bacteria.

It would be entirely apt – and the medical profession’s own fault-if NDM-1 really did turn out to be a plague upon humanity. Because I rather suspect that this time a lot of intelligent people will just yawn and carry on.

But fear not, for our beloved EU is on the case. This is how the FT reported the Union’s plan Thursday:

‘ It would identify ways to help limit infections, which are estimated to cost more than €1.5bn, and kill tens of thousands of patients each year across the EU’.

Just so long as we get the right ones, that’s fine by me.