The Afghani Parliamentary election arrangements next month will be carefully massaged by the circle around President Hamid Karzai.

With Obama in full flight from Iraq – and insurgency there already exploding out of control – Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai is preparing the ground for an altogether more amenable life after the Americans depart his country too. In true Islamic style, the President plans to ensure that it will be one man, one vote – and he intends to be that man.

In 2009, the UN’s election monitors disallowed nearly 1.5 million votes for Karzai, destroying any local or international credibility his presidency might have had. During the year or so since his ‘election’, the President has also been challenged on almost every political appointment and piece of legislation he introduced, primarily on the basis of most of them being a thinly disguised attempt to increase his grip on power.

However, thanks to the liberal instincts of Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan now has an Independent Electoral Commission, in the sense that it will act independently of anyone except Hamid. Under the new procedure designed by the Head of State late last year, the U.N. will have no appointee role: the members of the Electoral Complaints Commission will all be put in place by Karzai himself. As we said earlier, he is the one man with the one vote in favour of all of the ECC members; so you can imagine how that’ll work.

But hey – the Obama Administration will be otherwise leaving the country in good order: the U.N. considers some 40% of Afghanistan’s districts unsafe for any government officials not toting an armed guard. Military sources say more territory has succumbed to the insurgents since August 2009, with once-peaceful provinces in the north now infiltrated by the Taliban. So far, at least three parliamentary candidates have been killed, dozens threatened and several kidnapped. If only our elections were that eventful.

It’s a joke, isn’t it? A Holy War that turned into an unholy mess, a crusade that turned into a crock. But don’t be entirely downcast, because Coalition pc has forced Hamid Karzai to accept a giant leap forward: 25% of the Parliamentary seats will be quota’d for women. That really makes my heart sing.

And no, it’s not a laughing matter. Oh, the naive, arrogant ignorance of Anglo-Saxon allies making the world safe for politically correct democracy – by blundering into an authoritarian, mediaeval, misogynist culture with the war aim of avenging Dubya’s Dad and giving Blair a legacy. And at £140,000 a pop on his US lecture tours, that’s a bigger legacy than most of us can expect when our people die.

But then, rather more of Tony Blair’s people died in order to pay for his obscene and entirely undeserved post War Leader lifestyle. He could give his entire earthly wealth to the British Legion and it wouldn’t redeem him in my eyes. He still thinks he got it right, but he didn’t: he chose the wrong ally with which to topple the wrong aggressor….for entirely egoistic reasons. And in doing so, he handed the Mullahs a grip on the European intellectual Left that they will never relinquish.

The time may yet come when it won’t be safe for Charles Anthony Lynton Blair to set foot anywhere in the UK. And I’d hazard a guess that sooner than that, the sleazy and ungrateful Hamid Karzai will be lying in a ditch somewhere – having double-crossed a Warlord once too often.