Madeleine McCann, Episode 631: How to manufacture a headline from nothing.

Raymond Hewlett….deathbed ‘confessor’

The Sun and the Mail are back on the trail of Madeleine. Is it going anywhere?

The latest ‘lead’ in the McCann disappearance case is a sort of ‘hearsay meets inadmissible’ hotch-potch of uncheckable third-hand allegations and disappearing evidence.

‘I know who took Maddie’ said a former paedophile to The Sun.
Well actually, not the former paedophile: this is his son talking. Mr Paedophile died of cancer last April.
And actually, the son doesn’t actually know who took Madeleine – he just knows that his late dad met a bloke in a bar who said he knew who had done it. But his dad’s dead now, so we’ll never know who this person was.
But the son got a letter from his deathbed dad who’s now dead – so we have that!
Er, actually, no we don’t – because seefingizzright, the son burned the letter.

Why on God’s earth, we ask ourselves, would he do that to the biggest money-spinner since the Hitler Diaries?

Well, it’s the silly season – and it sells papers. But to be fair to the tabloids involved, the one ‘development’ in the story is that Madeleine was apparently not abducted for sex – but rather, stolen to order for a rich family who couldn’t have children.

If you were rich and childless, is this really what you’d do to adopt a kid….when one trip to Asia or South America could get you a soccer team of kids quite legally? Ah no, but hang on – rich, childless couples are racist aren’t they? And picky. Sorry. I forgot that bit. Right: they prefer to steal a kid whose picture will be on the front page of every newspaper forever.

The whole thing reads like bollocks from start to finish to me – but yer pays yer money and yer takes yer choice. Incidentally, nice ‘related story’ touch on the Currant Bun’s website: ‘Maddie Beach Perv Nicked’. This was a story about a bloke arrested for taking pictures on the beach at the infamous Portuguese resort. Er….that’s it.

Rupert Murdoch, eh? Such a civilising influence.