Rod Liddle, the BBC, and being mad about the EU.

Some very mad people are right about some very big issues. This is a big learning I took out of sixteen years spent as a keen student of history.

Rod Liddle has written a piece quite rightly showing the Beeb is anti-Eurosceptic – if that isn’t a needless double-negative. And a senior bureaucrat in dear old Auntie has proffered the view that many eurosceptics show signs of what I call Gerrishism: that is, blind commitment to a conspiracy theory that is patently daft.

But as it happens, everyone is right on this one.

Rod Liddle is right about BBC bias in relation to This Great European Project of Ours. The BBC
Panjandrum is right in stating that most of the UKIP, England First and other barmpots are indeed deranged.

But they, Lord Pearson, 55% of Brits, the Tory right wing, me and myriad folk in Whitehall are also right to want to exit this bloated, redistributionist, uncommercial, crypto-fascist and bankrupt trading partner at the first opportunity.

In having the hopelessly squabble-ridden UKIPPERS to represent their entirely sane views, the British people are lions led by loonies. This is not an uncommon occurrence.

It costs Britain £80billion per annum to be a member of the EU – a trading group with whom we have, in addition, a massive trading gap. If we sold one durable delivering a margin of just £325 to one in ten thousand Chinese, we would instantly have a better deal.

So when deciding who’s sane and not, the BBC would do well to chew on that one.

Being mad doesn’t necessarily make you wrong about everything. Herman Van Rompuy is a power-mad Belgian chocolate with a strychnine centre, but correct about the undesirability of Turkish EU entry. Hitler was a mad anti-semite, but right about political propaganda. Keith Joseph was a trifle odd on the subject of genetics, but right about Margaret Thatcher. Rod Liddle is a man with somewhat insanely disorganised dress sense, but he is right about the BBC.

Sadly, poor Rod is still imprisoned behind the Walls of Murdocho with a readership of 29. The good news is that his increasing obesity is therefore hidden from view.